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How To Stay on Topic

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How To Stay on Topic

  1. 1. Staying Focused & Organized When Writing an Essay
  2. 2. The First Step Write an Outline:  Know your topic  Address your main points  Decide what audiences you would like your essay to reach  Research resources for your topic, and be sure there are enough available sources pertaining to your subject
  3. 3. The Second Step Know the Purpose of Your essay:  Are you trying to persuade, inform, make an argument or entertain your audience?
  4. 4. The Third Step Stay focused and minimize distractions. Yes, shut the TV and turn your cell phone on silent! Write however you feel most comfortable Using a pen and paper or a computer Sitting on the couch or at a desk Get in the right room settings – low or high lighting Whatever works best for you
  5. 5. The Introduction • Intrigue the reader Grab your audience’s attention in the first few sentences of your essay. Do this by opening with an interesting fact, Quote or statistic. • State the argument It is important that your reader is aware from the beginning what you will be discussing in your essay. This will ensure your essay is clear and persuasive. Then, briefly summarize your topic in just one or two sentences. Be sure to include your thesis statement.
  6. 6. The Introduction Continued… • Introducing your evidence: After catching your reader’s attention and stating your argument, a good introduction should introduce the points of the topic or the evidence that you plan to explain in the main body paragraphs of the essay in order to support your thesis. This does not have to be long.
  7. 7. Each body paragraph should have the same basic structure: one of your main ideas, in • Start by writing down sentence form. If your main idea is “reduces highway traffic,quot; you could start with this: “Public transportation reduces highway traffic.” • Next, write down each of your supporting points for that main idea • Write down some elaboration for that point that can be further description or explanation or discussion. • Include a summary sentence for each paragraph.
  8. 8. The Conclusion • The conclusion should be a short recap/summary of what you’ve written in your body paragraphs. You’re basically reminding the audience about what you’ve told them and adding any “concluding” statements you feel are appropriate for your topic.
  9. 9. And Finally… The Writing Step Questions to ask yourself while writing to  Have I used paragraphs?  Do all my paragraphs have a topic stay focused on your topic and allow your topic to guide your structure sentence?  Do I fully develop one idea per  Questions vary depending on the paragraph? purpose of your essay*  Is my writing correct?  Have I answered the question?  Have I checked for spelling errors  Is it clear what value(s) I am myself, without relying on spell-check? discussing?  Have I checked for grammar errors  Have I referenced something and without relying on a grammar checker? explained how there is a connection to  Have I checked my facts: dates, the topic? document titles, names, etc.?  Have I explained fully how I can put the idea(s) into practice?  Have I said what I wanted to say?  Is my essay well-written?
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