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Datalyst has a wonderful opportunity to work from home and earn money. Apply for a job now!

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Home based transcription datalyst

  1. 1. Work at Home: Home Based TranscriptionWith the growing needs of transcription across the globe, more and morepeople are getting engaged into transcription. Transcription offers theconvenience of working from office, café, and most importantly HOME.What is Transcription?: “Transcription” is the systematic representationof language in written form. The source can either be utterances (speech)or preexisting text in another writing system, but the most prevalent beingconversion from speech or voice to written form.
  2. 2. BENEFITS OF WORKING FROM HOMEBe your own BossWork from homeFull-time with FamilyEarn at your convenience
  3. 3. DATALYSTDatalyst is a leading global BPO providing transcription, language anddata conversion services. Our services include: transcription for themedical, business, legal and academic communities, translation of mostmajor world languages for organizations globally and a wide variety ofdata conversion.Industries we serve:•Medical•Legal•Business•Academic•Advertising•Film
  4. 4. DATALYST – Business TranscriptionProfessional organizations need professional transcription services thatproduce on-time and on-budget results. The below ones are a glimpse atsome of our most common business transcription work.•Video transcripts•Film transcripts•Interview transcripts•Meeting, conference and speech transcripts•Focus group transcripts•Academic Transcription Services
  5. 5. THE PROCESS:The voice file is recorded by the client in various forms via phone,recorders, video recording, toll-free dial in, etc. The recording isplayed/heard and transcribed/typed into word document or as perclient needs.VOICE FILE TRANSCRIPTIONISTTRANSCRIBED REPORT
  6. 6. ELIGIBILITY AND SKILL SET REQUIRED1. Strong English comprehension.2. Strong English Grammar.3. Compelling interest with passion to work.4. Superior research skills.5. Competent use of computer.6. Keen listening skills.7. Fine attention to details.8. Commitment to lifelong learning.9. Ability to sit and concentrate for long periods of time.10. Needs to have computer, internet, power back-up and transcription footpedal.
  7. 7. APPLYING FOR CANDIDATUREIf you feel you want to be your boss, save time, and EARN MONEYfrom home:Contact: jobs@datalyst.in
  8. 8. Thank You