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OSGi toolchain from the ground up - Matteo Rulli


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OSGi Community Event 2016 Presentation by Matteo Rulli (FlairBit)

OSGi learning curve is steep but its benefits widely surpass difficulties: OSGi gives you sensible dependencies management, pluggable extensions mechanisms, strong modularity, out-of-the-box semantic versioning support and strong contract-based software development.

In this talk I’ll describe how to build an effective OSGi toolchain from the ground up: integrate maven and bndtools, set-up a test-driven development workflow on top of OSGi, use maven repositories as a baseline for semantic versioning and leverage bnd remote launcher to effectively debug bundles on remote target runtimes.

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OSGi toolchain from the ground up - Matteo Rulli

  1. 1. OSGi toolchain from the ground up Matteo Rulli - FlairBit Do not duplicate or distribute without written permission from FlairBit S.r.l. FlairBit S.r.l. - Viale Brigate Bisagno 12/1 - 16129 Genova (GE) - ITALY
  2. 2. This Presentation • OSGi and IoT • Pure maven approach • Bndtools • Integrate complex runtimes in bndtools: CXF example • Remote debugging on external runtimes: Karaf
  3. 3. OSGi enRoute
  4. 4. OSGi and IoT • Isolated and loosely coupled services are more easily distributable across different execution contexts • A reasonable balance between hundreds-of- processes-μServices and old-fashioned monoliths • Services consistent versioning • Productivity and sensible code re-use
  5. 5. Pure maven approach • Let’s illustrate a trivial Cassandra Key-Value store implementation with bnd, maven and equinox…
  6. 6. Pure maven approach: projects • The key-value implemetation: API and provider • The GOGO command • Integration test • bndrun setting to resolve and launch
  7. 7. Bndtools Bndtools brings all bnd features inside the Eclipse IDE • Bundles Resolution • TDD with JUnit • Maven and OBR repo integration • SemVer support
  8. 8. Apache Karaf Curated OSGi runtime with • Bundles and applications deployment • Bundles Provisioning • Powerfull remote ssh and web OSGi console • Out-of-the-box OSGi support for many technologies (CXF, Camel, …) • Tons of other very useful features
  9. 9. Karaf Features in bndtools • Karaf Features:
  10. 10. CXF Karaf Features • Up to 110 bundles get installed automatically … manage them with a pom? Boring… But I want to debug my integration test in my IDE!
  11. 11. Karaf Features in bnd(tools) Karaf Feature Service is just an OSGi bundle with few dependencies: karaf@root>bundle:tree-show 26 Bundle org.apache.karaf.deployer.features [26] is currently ACTIVE org.apache.karaf.deployer.features [26] +- org.apache.felix.fileinstall [4] | +- org.apache.felix.configadmin [3] | | +- org.ops4j.pax.logging.pax-logging-api [1] | | +- [6] | | +- org.apache.felix.metatype [5] | +- org.ops4j.pax.logging.pax-logging-api [1] +- org.ops4j.pax.logging.pax-logging-api [1] +- org.apache.karaf.features.core [8] +- [6] +- org.apache.felix.configadmin [3] +- org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn [7] | +- org.apache.felix.configadmin [3] | +- org.ops4j.pax.logging.pax-logging-api [1] +- org.ops4j.pax.logging.pax-logging-api [1]
  12. 12. Karaf Features in bnd(tools) • So you can install Feature Service in any OSGi distro, not only within Karaf… …let’s see this in action.
  13. 13. Debug Karaf w/ bnd remote agents Requirements in Karaf for remote debugging w/ bnd: • mvn:biz.aQute.bnd/biz.aQute.remote.agent/3.3.0 • scr feature (just because we use DS in the demo)
  14. 14. Conclusions • Toolkits revolving around OSGi are more and more refined • Robustness of bnd and its derivative works is enterprise-grade • Thanks to OSGi modularity, interoperability among OSGi distros can be quite satisfactory • Thanks to OSGi enRoute initiative, OSGi is now extensively documented
  15. 15. Thanks! e-mail: web: