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Metavallon Corporate Presentation


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Metavallon is a Greek non-profit organization operating in the areas of education and entrepreneurship. Since May 2012, it is officially one of the grantees of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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Metavallon Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Ideas  to  Ventures  
  2. 2. Metavallon  is...   ...  a  young,  Greek,  non-­‐profit  organiza;on  aiming  to  promote   early  stage  entrepreneurship     Educate,     Turn  ideas  into   support  and   dynamic,   S;mulate   empower     innova;ve,   economic  growth   aspiring   export-­‐oriented,     in  a  socially   entrepreneurs   high  impact     sustainable  way     new  ventures  
  3. 3. What  are  we  facing?   Stagna;ng  economy   Low  levels  of   Lack  of  support   and  hesitant   innova;on  and   around  venturing   investors   export  orienta;on   Lack  of  an   Fear  of  failure     entrepreneurial   Βrain  Drain     ecosystem    
  4. 4. We  create  a  suppor;ve  structure…   ANract   talent   Develop   High-­‐quality  services  in     ideas   educa;on  and  support   Structure   business  plans   We  cover  the  full  spectrum  of   entrepreneurial  needs:  from  idea   Network  &   Mentor   development,  to  incorpora;on,   access  to  capital  and  support  during   the  crucial  first  two  years     Access  to  capital   of  opera;on   Incubate    
  5. 5. ...  based  on  the  Startup  Series  …   The  Start-­‐up  Series  Program  
  6. 6. …  for  our  future   Vision:  a  culture  of  ini-a-ve   and  innova-on,     a  society  of    venturing  spirit  and   civil  awareness  
  7. 7. Our  Social  Impact   Human   Cultural   Intellectual   Building  capital   to  catalyze   growth     Social   Financial  
  8. 8. The  Stavros  Niarchos  Founda;on     As  part  of  its  remarkable  ac;vity  in  Greece  and  abroad,   and  with  a  philosophy  around  inspired,     people-­‐centric,  innova;ve  ac;on…     …the  Founda;on  is  entrus;ng  us  during     a  cri;cal  moment  for  us  and  our  country  and   becomes  a  catalyst  for  our  work  and  contribu;on.  
  9. 9. Thank  you!         Metavallon   @metavallon   Metavallon  -­‐     Ideas  to  ventures