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  1. 1. Popularising sustainability 04 November 2008
  2. 2. Pop Sustainability consults to like-minded organisations who wish to communicate to and actively engage their stakeholders in new, culturally relevant and technology savvy ways. We create trusting, emotional relationships between personal and brand identities. We can help you to communicate your sustainability strategy. We are a social enterprise whose ultimate goal is to translate the concept of sustainability into a culture of sustainable lifestyles.
  3. 3. “Nature” is over. The twentieth century did it in.... From now on, “Nature” is under surveillance and on life-support. A 21st century avant-garde has to deal with those consequences and thrive in that world. Bruce Sterling Founder of the Viridian Design Movement
  4. 4. Sustainability is ... The ability to achieve economic prosperity while renewing the natural systems of the planet, and providing a higher quality of life for its people now and into the long term future. Not a fad... It is a new way of doing business
  5. 5. The Five Capitals Manufactured capital Financial capital Sustainability Social 0 Human capital capital Natural capital • Natural - Natural resources (energy and matter) and processes needed by organisations to produce their products and deliver their services • Human - Health, knowledge, skills, intellectual outputs, motivation and capacity for relationships of the individual of their workforce or communities and many other stakeholders • Social - Networks, communication channels, families, communities, businesses, trade unions, schools and voluntary organisations as well as social norms, values and trust • Manmade - Buildings, infrastructure (transport networks, communications, waste disposal systems) and technologies (from simple tools and machines to IT and engineering) • Financial - Forms of currency that can be owned or traded, including (but not limited to) shares, bonds and banknotes .... Which rely upon the productivity of all the above
  6. 6. Sustainability Popular culture has the Five Capitals backwards Smart Growth or Dumb Growth? Human/Social Development? Nature as Capital?
  7. 7. “We're finally going to get the bill for the Industrial Age. If the projections are right, it's going to be a big one: the ecological collapse of the planet. ” Jeremy Rifkin
  8. 8. Sustainability is the only seriously ‘big idea’
  9. 9. Unless we change minds, we are unlikely to significantly change much of anything else.
  10. 10. 7/10 South African consumers report that they would pay more to a business that supports worthwhile causes – UNISA This is the brand equity gap There is a growing societal expectation that business should contribute more to the broader public good
  11. 11. Marketing for a flat planet A brand belongs to the company. Its reputation belongs to its stakeholders.
  12. 12. Companies today must be • Prepared • Radically transparent • Accessible • Inclusive • Enabling
  13. 13. Brand value is intrinsically linked to sustainability - Best Global Brands 2008, Interbrand
  14. 14. Marketing & Advertising are fast becoming irrelevant • People know when they are being sold • Growing trust gap • One way communication • Not relevant to the consumers at the time • Marketers need to focus on making products that are relevant
  15. 15. Live Bait = A highly attractive, interactive offering with a hook Extract knowledge from quantitative and Effective Bait qualitative research Communication Use brand ambassadors (‘people like me’ Efficient & experts) to establish street cred & spark Live Communication peer conversations Utilize dynamic, interactive and engaging Active events, new media and social media Interactive Engagement communication tools Tap into the power of pop culture, provide Emotive brand experience in informal, entertaining Experience Attractive cultural settings Ask them to do something they can Actionable Hook actually do – quickly, easily, cheaply
  16. 16. @ good housekeeping
  17. 17. @ the till
  18. 18. @ innovation in your business
  19. 19. “We will not be measured by our aspirations. We will be measured by our actions” – Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott in making sustainability part of his core strategy