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  1. 1. Hungary is located in Central Europe bordered by Austria to the west, Ukraine, and Slovakia to thenorth, and Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, and Croatia to the south.
  2. 2. Hungary is situated in the Carpathian basin, ithas got two major parts, Transdanubia and the Great Plain.
  3. 3. The Great PlainBakony Káli- basin Somló Villány Limestone caves in Aggtelek Szent György-hill
  4. 4. B a l a t o nLake Velence Lake Fertő The Tisza The Danube Lake Tisza
  5. 5. Debrecen Pécs Szeged Sopron Nyíregyháza
  6. 6. Porcelain Lace table-cloth Zsolnai HalasHerend Embroidery lace of Kalocsa Hollóháza
  7. 7. Puskás Ferenc Liszt Ferenc Petőfi Sándor
  8. 8. Ajka is an industrial town in Veszprém County on the western hills of the Bakony Mountains not far from the Lake Balaton.
  9. 9.  By a legend Ajka is located on the territory, where a giant lived. Once he stumbled over the Somló Hill and struck his lips. Lip in Hungarian ajak, his lip in Hungarian ‘ajka Where his lip touched the ground a town grew, called AJKA.
  10. 10.  Around 1000 B.C. the area was inhabited by Celts. By the 2nd century A.D. the territory was conquered by the Romans. The Hungarians occupied the area in the early 10th century. The village Ajka was named after the Ajka clan. The village itself was first mentioned in 1214 when it was already about a hundred years old.
  11. 11.  The village developed slowly during the next few centuries. Real prosperity came only in the second half of the 19th century when coal resources were found nearby. In the 1930s vast bauxite resources were found too The political changes of 1989/90 affected the industry of the area, but Ajka quickly recovered and it is now a prospering town.
  12. 12.  Long time ago Ajka was a mining town, but in 1996 the mines were closed. Nowadays, most people work in factories (glass factory, consumer electronics, aluminium factory, foundry)
  13. 13.  Mining Museum Town Museum  Boating lake Roman Catholic Church  Town Hall
  14. 14.  Rovaniemi, Finland Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania Unna, Germany Austria, Weiz
  15. 15. Fekete István-Vörösmarty Mihály Primary School Secondary Grammar and Vocational School
  16. 16. Our school is named after aHungarian novelist, Fekete István and a Hungarian poet, Vörösmarty Mihály
  17. 17. The school was built in 1975, when it wasonly a primary school. Later, in 1993, the first grammar school class started.Now the school works in three buildings.At present about 900 students attend the school and about 90 teachers work here.
  18. 18.  Primary School (8-year) Secondary Grammar School (6-year) Languages: English, German, French Special classes: English and PE
  19. 19. Assembly hall Gym School- yard Library IT-room Canteen
  20. 20. See You in Hungary!