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Perez maria proceso del vino


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Perez maria proceso del vino

  1. 1. Winemaking process
  2. 2. HarvestingThe workers are harvesting the grapes.inplastic buckets or baskets.The enologist is supervising the harvest.
  3. 3. The workers are separating grains from other sheets and sticks and then are sent to the crushing process.
  4. 4. Crushing the workers are crushing grains to grape with foot or mechanically The dry refuse of grapes and juices obtained are sent a vats
  5. 5. Fermentation and pressingThe juices grapes are fermentinguntil the sugar is converted intoalcohol
  6. 6. The winemaker and enologist areconstantly monitoring thefermentation. They are ensuringthe success of the process The white grape juice first press before fermenting
  7. 7. Clarificaction The enologist is using egg white to the process of clarification.
  8. 8. Aging Specialists are using oak barrels for aging wine called pipes.
  9. 9. Bottling Operators are washing bottles for wine packaging
  10. 10. Packaging consumers are looking at the packaging of wines that attracts