production waste utilization fermented foods lactic acid single cell protein yeast food regulations fruits and vegetables waste utilization cell technology immobilized cell technology microbial flavors microbial flavors production microbial colors high fructose syrup maltose syrup production high fructose syrup and maltose syrup invert syrup glucose syrup glucose syrup and invert syrup production kefir yoghurt kefir production yoghurt and indian fermented foods cream culture dairy culture dairy and cream cheese cheese production lactic acid fermented foods lactic acid production citric acid citric acid production vinegar vinegar production wine wine production whisky whisky production vodka vodka production rum rum production beer beer production prebiotic probiotic probiotic and prebiotic foods functional functional food preservative bio overview biopreservatives saccharomyces cervisae bread production technology of bread bacterial algae punjabi university fungal
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