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2015.02.06 #BCorp Q&A: Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan from The New Media Group (Mongolia)


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The New Media Group is a social enterprise leading the way in Mongolia and across Asia as the Founding Certified B Corporation in the region. The New Media Group is made up of several subsidiary companies focusing on commerce, design, investment, marketing and technology. As a social enterprise, which empowers human-centered business, its utmost goal is to create a positive and friendly corporate culture.

Additionally, The New Media Group has cultivated strong social engagement through its human-centered social responsibility programs and is dedicated to supporting nonprofits and international organizations who are working to help people in Mongolia and around the world.

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2015.02.06 #BCorp Q&A: Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan from The New Media Group (Mongolia)

  1. 1. February 5, 2015 #BCorp Q&A: Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan from The New Media Group (Mongolia) This interview with Mend-OrshikhAmartaivan of The New Media Group (Mongolia) was conducted for The B Corp Handbook: How to Use Business as a Force for Good (Berrett- Koehler Publishers, October 2014), the world's first book on B Corporations. 1. How do you use your B Corp status in your branding/marketing? After receiving the Certified B Corporation status, we place the logo on all types of our official documents, website and brochure. However, not many Mongolians are familiar with this concept and we always face with questions of asking what the Certified B Corporation is. Then we could clearly see how their face shine up after we answered their questions. It obviously increase the level of trust in business relationship with our customers and partner companies, which is vital to the conduct of every business.  2. How did your company "sell" the idea of becoming a B Corp internally to your employees? We celebrate “Core Value Day” of the company on the last Friday of every 3 months. It’s held as a casual meeting, where we could discuss about our beliefs, value and learn to respect each other by starting from talking about ourselves. As we grew as a company, we didn’t want to lose that culture and we wanted a way to share it with all employees. Our actions are driven by our beliefs, and our beliefs are driven by our values and principles. We believe the profit made from both parties benefits, which are internal (our company, employee) and external (community, environment and etc), is what we called the real healthy profit and that’s what we intend to make. In scope of our social responsibility, we offer our full service for free of charge to one NGO for
  2. 2. each month to support their work for better future of Mongolia. It brings secure and friendly atmosphere within the organization and our employees were proud and excited to be officially stated as a B corp organization. 3. What business benefits do you directly attribute to your B Corp certification? The assessment period taught us a lot about how to smartly combine the business and social responsibility. We took it as an honour to join the global family of the companies share same beliefs to build better world. We determine to spread the idea through Mongolia and Asia to make this family larger and larger. 4. What was your biggest surprise about becoming a B Corp? We discovered many well-known and our favorite companies were within the B corp network and finding out that we could connect with them directly through this network was great opportunity for our company as well as surprise. 5. What advice do you have for a business considering B Corp certification?      Today, companies operates in fierce competition and have to make many important decisions every single day. Unfortunately, I found many of these decisions have made with very little consideration about community and mother earth. Consequently, there are millions of disaster caused by our multiple poor decision. This is the time to stop and consider joining the B Corp community. To learn more about B Corporations, sign up for our free monthly newsletter to get tips, advice, and resources on how to become a Certified B Corp and maximize the value of your B Corp certification.