Finding specific journals on texshare


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How to find specific journals and search within them on EBSCO MasterFile Premiere. This slideshow uses "Consumer Reports" as an example and is geared towards Texas library patrons.

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Finding specific journals on texshare

  1. 1. Finding Journals onTexShare using EBSCOPart of YOUR Public Library Benefits in Texas!May, 2013Susan Barnum
  2. 2. Log into TexShare Go to: Login to TexShare with your user nameand password. Get your ID& Password fromyour local library!
  3. 3. TexShare TexShare contains many useful databases. EBSCO indexes journals, encyclopediasand many full text books, so you canaccess and read these online, at home. I’ll use finding Consumer Reports as anexample.
  4. 4. Choose EBSCO MasterFile Consumer Reports is one of manyperiodicals and journals indexed byEBSCO MasterFile Premier. Click on EBSCO MasterFile Premier.
  5. 5. EBSCO MasterFile Premier The database opens in a new tab orwindowand lookslike this:
  6. 6. EBSCO MasterFile Premier Click on “Publications” in the top left-handcorner:
  7. 7. Search Publications Publications are listed in A-Z order. Type “Consumer Reports” in the searchbox. Then,hit “Enter”or click the“Browse”Button.
  8. 8. Search Publications Consumer Reports is listed. Click on thetitle to openthe list ofavailabledates.
  9. 9. Consumer Reports on EBSCO This page lists the magazine by year. You canalso searchwithin themagazine.
  10. 10. Browse Consumer Reports Browse by year by clicking on the yearyou want to explore. The links willexpand. Clicking on avolume willopen thatmonth’sfull issue.
  11. 11. Browse Consumer Reports Clicking on avolume willallow you tobrowse eacharticle. Each articleas its ownlink. Choose thePDF FullText to read.
  12. 12. Browse Consumer Reports Now you can read the full article. Click “ResultList” to goback to thelist of otherarticles in theissue.
  13. 13. Search Consumer Reports Go back to the Consumer Reports Page. Click on thelink that reads“Search withinthispublication”
  14. 14. Search Consumer Reports A new search is prepared for youautomatically. ConsumerReports ishighlighted,in quotes andprefaced withJN.
  15. 15. Search Consumer Reports Place your cursor in the search box nextto “Consumer Reports.” Type “AND” and then type the name orkind of product you are interested in.(I picked microwaves.) Press enter or click “Search.”
  16. 16. Search Consumer Reports Articles about my topic that werepublishedin themagazineare nowdisplayed.
  17. 17. Search Consumer Reports Narrow your search to more recentarticlesusing theyear slider.
  18. 18. Any Questions? You can search like this within anyparticular journal that EBSCO has. For more help, contact your local libraryTexas!