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Using the library's LS2

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  • Search by author, title, subject or any combination. Log into “My account” (this you can do from the library’s home page as well), Browse by genre, go to the library’s home page, download an audio or ebook, View the Kids Catalog or get Help.
  • Using the library’s catalog

    1. 1. Erin Apostolos-Meredith Public LibraryUSING THE LIBRARY’S CATALOG
    2. 2. The Book River
    3. 3. Log In To Your Account
    4. 4. Log In To Your Account Library Card Number and PIN, which is the last four digits of your phone number. Or Create an “EZ Log On” with a User Name and Password.
    5. 5. See Your Loans and Renew
    6. 6. See Your Requests and Where You are in QueueChoose to Suspend your requests until you have time for them. You willcontinue to move up in queue and will remain at the top until you removethe suspension. Once you remove the suspension, if you are number onein queue, you will be the next to get it once it’s returned.
    7. 7. Create ListsSearch for a topic or author that interests you. Check off theboxes next to each title to add them to your list.
    8. 8. Create Lists Click on “Create New List”, name your list and click on the + Sign to save it. You can continue adding items to this list or create a new one. Create as many lists as you like! Click on “My Account” and then “My Lists” to access your list.
    9. 9. Create Lists In the “My Lists” screen, click on the list you wish to see on the right. You can delete an item, request an item, or click on the title to view the full record from a list.
    10. 10. Limiting Your Searches  After searching, you can choose to limit it by format, New Titles, Author, Series, Collection, PublicatinYear, Subject, Audience, and Genre.
    11. 11. Sorting Your Searches  Searches are sorted by Relevance by default. Change to Title, Author, Publication Date, Borrower Rating or Newly Added.
    12. 12. Request an Item You can choose to request an item that is in the catalog. If it’s out, you’ll be notified when it has come back for you. If it’s in, a librarian will pull it from the shelf, and put it on the reserve shelf for you the next morning that the library is open. You will be notified when it’s ready.
    13. 13. Request an Item
    14. 14. Request an Item
    15. 15. Item Records Every item has a record that tells you more about it. Some have reviews, some list characters and some show you the book jacket. The record will tell you if the item is in and how many people are in queue if the item is out and on reserve.
    16. 16. Item Record Click on anything blue to learn more about this book or books like it.This item is out, hasbeen checked out twiceand has six requests onit. We own one copy.
    17. 17. Reviews Write your own review!Read reviews fromother borrowers likeyou!Read editorial reviews.
    18. 18. Get More Info on a Title Click on “Next” to see the next Item Record in your search.
    19. 19. Save a Search Save a Search to refer to it later, or create an RSS feed with it. Sort it by Publication Date. Click on “Save Search”, name your search and then click on the + sign.
    20. 20. Save a Search Click on “My Saved Searched” to access your search later or to create an RSS feed. Click on the orange symbol to create the RSS feed. I am going to save this to Google.
    21. 21. Save a Search Click on “Add to Google homepage”. You will see a new gadget box on your Google homepage. As new items are added for your search, they will appear in the gadget.
    22. 22. Change Views Click on “Grid” to change how you view your items. Click on “List” go back.
    23. 23. Advanced Search and Browse You can choose to search by author, ISBN, Title, etc only in Advanced Search. You can Browse genres such as Mysteries and movies. Find the options at the top of the screen.
    24. 24. Browse by Bestsellers, NewTitles or a Rotating List.
    25. 25. Ebsco  Ebsco is our magazine Database. When you are logged into your account, you can click on it to search over a thousand magazines for articles.
    26. 26. Ebsco  Click on the Persistent Link to read the article or abstract.
    27. 27. Newsbank Search Newsbank for local newspaper articles including the Union Leader and The Concord Monitor. Search in select papers from across the country and around the world. Click on “Persistent Link” to view the article as you did with Ebsco.
    28. 28. Britannica Search Britannica for encyclopedia articles, journal and magazine articles, Websites and other information. Click on the link for an article that interests you.