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New interface libguide searching specific journals


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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New interface libguide searching specific journals

  1. 1. When should you search in a specific journal? 0 Your instructor may require that you use articles from a given journal or journals. 0 This presentation will show you how to find and search in those journals.
  2. 2. The Library Website 0
  3. 3. You have been instructed to find the following article: Mayor E., Bangerter A. & Aribot M. (2012). Task uncertainty and communication during nursing shift handovers. Journal of Advanced Nursing 68(9), 1956–1966. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2011.05880.x
  4. 4. Click on the link “Journals A to Z” at the far right of the menu bar.
  5. 5. Type the title of your journal 0Type the title of the journal you need to use into the box called “Title.” You need to spell your title correctly. 0Your journal may appear in a list. 0Click on the title, then click on “Go.” 0When you see the red title, click on it. 0NOTE: If we don’t have the journal you’re looking for, you’ll find out at this point. Call your librarian for help.
  6. 6. Now you need to log in 0Your ID is your student ID number, and the PIN is the last four digits of your Social Security number. 0Once you log in, you will see a link to your journal. 0NOTE: This page tells you about the availability of your journal. In this particular case, the last twelve months is not available in full text format. This is called an embargo.
  7. 7. Searching for your article 0Click on the “Full Text Online” link. 0There are two ways to find your article. 0The easier way is to find the specific issue. If you have the volume, issue and page number for your article, click on the appropriate year, then choose the appropriate volume and issue.
  8. 8. Opening your article 0Scroll down the list of results to find the correct page number for your article. 0Click on “PDF Full Text” to open your article.
  9. 9. Searching within the journal 0If you do not have the volume or issue number for your article, you can search within the journal by title or author. An author search is usually more successful. 0If there are more than two authors, you do not need to use more than two of the authors’ names. Only search by last name.
  10. 10. Using article tools 0Once your article is open, the tools menu to the right has several options that will save you time and trouble. 0The print and email icons at the top of the page will allow you to save the article by printing it or emailing it to yourself. 0When printing or emailing an article, you can choose to have it sent or printed with the APA citation attached. 0The yellow sheet of paper is a “Cite” icon. That will give you a jump start on the APA citation for your article.
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