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Ranjith Kumaran Presentation


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Freemium 301 - Understanding the Data to Drive Growth

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Ranjith Kumaran Presentation

  1. Freemium 301 How I learned to love freemium @ranjithkumaran
  2. Why should you listen to me?
  3. YouSendIt’s freemium model(s)
  4. Lifetime subscription revenue per registered user Registered User Cohort (month registered)
  5. Total subscription revenue by month Month (in business)
  6. Lifetime value of registered user by month Source: Adams Street Partners (analysis of YouSendIt’s subscription business)
  7. Pay-per-use trends
  8. Enterprise sales over top of free usage
  9. Freemium sales in enterprise
  10. Why I love freemium
  11. @ranjithkumaran