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Creativity Tools: The Power of Flow Charts, Mind Maps, Infographs

Presentation given by Janette Toral at YouthLeadPH event last May 24, 2014. Gave an overview on the use of flowchart, mind maps, and infographics in communicating ideas through social media.

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Creativity Tools: The Power of Flow Charts, Mind Maps, Infographs

  1. 1. Creativity  Tools:  The   Power  of  Flow   Charts,  Mind  Maps,   Infographs   Jane%e  Toral   h%p://  
  2. 2. Twi$er:   @digitalfilipino     Facebook:  digitalfilipino    
  3. 3. Creativity  tools   • Help  in  documenta9on.     • Expanding  an  idea   • Thinking  things  through.   • Communica9ng  an  idea  that  can  aid  a   presenter.   • Create  materials  that  can  speak  for   itself  –  standalone.  
  4. 4. Creativity  tools  –  Flow  Chart   • Ideal  in  showing  how  a   process  works.  
  5. 5. Creativity  tools  -­‐  Mindmaps   • Useful  in  showing  concepts  and   insights  around  an  idea.  
  6. 6. Creativity  tools  -­‐  Infographs   •  Convey  ideas   illustra9ng  a  flow  or   expanding  on  a  big   idea.  
  7. 7. Simple  creation   steps  
  8. 8. #1  What  is  the  idea?   Establish  the  central  theme  
  9. 9. Central  idea  –  “The  Likeability  Factor”  
  10. 10. Central  theme  –  Spread  ideas   Conversation   E-­‐mail   Presentation   Video   Webinar   Meeting   Event     Spread  Ideas   Nancy  Duarte  -­‐  SlideDocs  
  11. 11. Central  theme  –  What  brings   you  success?  
  12. 12. Central  theme:  E-­‐Commerce   Business  Models  
  13. 13. #2  Topics  related  to   theme   What  are  the  topics  that  will  support  the  idea?  
  14. 14. Topics:  considerations  of  an  e-­‐ commerce  manager  
  15. 15. h%p://­‐digital-­‐marke9ng/   Topics:  considerations  of  a   digital  marketer  
  16. 16.   Topics:  Fascination  triggers  
  17. 17. #3  Order  of  topics  /   ideas   Iden9fy  the  sequence  of   presenta9on.  
  18. 18. h%p://­‐ inbound-­‐lead-­‐genera9on-­‐guide-­‐ht   Example:  Inbound  marketing   Olow  
  19. 19. h%p://­‐seo-­‐catch-­‐22-­‐3-­‐steps-­‐create-­‐perfect-­‐win-­‐win-­‐187099   Example:  Steps  in  Content   Creation  
  20. 20. h%p://­‐ inbound-­‐lead-­‐genera9on-­‐guide-­‐ht   Example:  Online  Lead   Generation  
  21. 21. Example:  Steps  in  Crea9ng  a  Business  Model  Canvas  
  22. 22. Example:Scrum Process Flow Image  available  at  
  23. 23. Example:   How  to  do   Keyword   Research  
  24. 24. #4  Expand  the  idea.   Expand  the  idea.  
  25. 25. Example:  Elements  in   transformation  
  26. 26.   Example:  49  Personality   Archetypes  
  27. 27.  Example:  Showing  member   beneOits  (use  branches)  
  28. 28. Example:  Lateral  marketing   steps  
  29. 29. PROFESSIONALS   Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry Program Environment: Many RESP marketing online. Friends:  Uses  social  media  to   market  online.   Market  offers:  Various  digital   marke9ng  and  e-­‐commerce   training  (generic  in  format)   ACtude  in  public:   Compe99ve.  Upbeat.     Enthusias9c.   Appearance:   Eager  &  open  for   partnerships   online.   Behavior towards others: Observant. May follow lead of others. Friends  say:  “You   should  market   online.”   Boss  say:  “Go  where  the  market   is.  Hit  your  quota.”   Influencers  say:  “Don’t   hard  sell  or  spam  online.”   Janette Toral What  really  counts:  Get  con9nuing   leads-­‐sales-­‐referrers  online.   Major preoccupation: Sustaining revenue / income. Growing family. Worries: Not making a sale. Making ends meet. Aspiration: Quality lifestyle. Industry recognition. Fears:  Not   compe99ve   with  peers.   FrustraJon:   Not  gedng   results.   Obstacle:  Managing  9me   and  resource.   Wants  /  Needs:   Quality  leads.   Top  of  mind.   Measure success: Sales conversion. Authority status. Obstacle:  Priori9zing  and   managing  tasks.   #4 understand your audience
  30. 30. h%p://­‐ Marke9ng-­‐101-­‐The-­‐Seven-­‐Steps-­‐to-­‐Lead-­‐Genera9on-­‐Infographic   Example:  Lead  Generation  Strategy  
  31. 31. h%p://­‐ Marke9ng-­‐101-­‐The-­‐Seven-­‐Steps-­‐to-­‐Lead-­‐Genera9on-­‐Infographic   Example:  Lead  Generation  Strategy  
  32. 32. h%p://­‐ Marke9ng-­‐101-­‐The-­‐Seven-­‐Steps-­‐to-­‐Lead-­‐Genera9on-­‐Infographic   Example:  Lead  Generation  Strategy  
  33. 33. Summary   • Be  visual  in  expressing  your   ideas  especially  in  social   media.   • Use  crea9vity  tools  like   mindmaps,  flow  charts,   infographics  to  guide  your   audience.  
  34. 34. Twi$er:   @digitalfilipino     Facebook:  digitalfilipino  
  35. 35. Continue  the   learning  journey!   h%p://   #dimbootcamp