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Target audience


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Target audience

  1. 1. Legal Thrillers Legal thrillers such as Runaway Jury and Fracture are aimed at a more mature audience e.g. a 15 as opposed to a 12a. The reason for this being the context of the legal thriller as this often contains specialist terminology and the complex nature of the script which would disengage the younger audience
  2. 2. Psychological ThrillersPsychological thrillers often have a target audience of 15 andsometimes even 18 +, this is mainly due to a lot of violent content andpsychological issues which could be disturbing for younger audience.
  3. 3. Reaching out to wider AudiencesHowever there are also those thriller films which are border line horrors.This is a very clever ploy made by film makers to reach out to a wider audience.By mixing elements of horror into thriller films the film makers can targeta younger and female based audience as horror films are popularamong teenage girls. In addition, these films contain two elements of genreswhich in theory attract audiences from those who like both horror and thriller films.Some example of such films produced are :- The Sixth Sense- Signs- The Unborn- When A Stranger Calls
  4. 4. Crime Thrillers  Crime thrillers such as seven and memento are also targeted at a mature audience which mainly consists of young adult males. Crime thrillers are mostly 15 due to either strong language or violence.