A Village of P's and C's, Digital Content Strategies Conference Keynote


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Tired? Frustrated? Intimidated by content? Welcome, friend. You’re in the right place. Your content takes a village, and the evolution of modern content strategy comes with just that: an unmistakable, inescapable culture of community. We share, collaborate, and socialize our work. That’s a practice you can bring home to address the people, process, and politics unique to your own corporate culture.

At the same time, those topics are key to infusing content marketing efforts with the laser focus of content strategy. Addressing your content as a business asset? Content strategy makes it happen. We’ll discuss how you can harness the power of community to make your content marketing efforts more focused and successful than ever before.

Presented at the Digital Content Strategies Conference 2013, San Diego; #DCSC13 March 13, 2013.

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A Village of P's and C's, Digital Content Strategies Conference Keynote

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  6. This takes a village…to mind the P’s and C’s.
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