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Introduction to jQueryMobile


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Plain intro to jqueryMobile. This does not jumps into coding.

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Introduction to jQueryMobile

  1. 1.  HTML5 framework optimised for mobiles devices ◦ Android ◦ iPhone ◦ Android Tablets / iPad ◦ More..
  2. 2.  Scope for web developers Cross platform support Stunning UI Controls Hundreds of plug-ins ◦ Form validation, Date Picker, Image Sliders etc. Access device hardware using PhoneGap
  3. 3.  Any web developer is good to go.. Else, ◦ knowledge on HTML / HTML5 ◦ JavaScript ◦ Basic knowledge on Jquery ◦ CSS knowledge to tweak existing UI controls
  4. 4.  A text editor / Web development IDE Browser But preferred to test it in real devices. At least on Emulators
  5. 5.  Docs… Docs… Docs… Documentation…
  6. 6.  Code re-usability Code minification Ajax requests during page transitions jQuery gurus please forget $(document).ready…… You don’t have to design the UI controls. ◦ Build in UI controls ◦ Theme
  7. 7.  Online UI builder
  8. 8.  Design your own theme
  9. 9.  Seamless integration with PhoneGap ◦ PhoneGap is a framework which helps you to access various hardware components using simple JavaScript method calls.  E.g. GPS, Accelerometer, Camera, File System, Contacts ◦ With PhoneGap you can build one application and run it on multiple platforms. ◦ PhoneGap Build
  10. 10.  Compare to native iOS/Android apps, HTML5 apps are slow & sluggish. Low end devices will suffer with performance issues Navigation errors at times PhoneGap is not 100% Stable. It might crash the app at times.
  11. 11.  jQueryMobile Community StackOverFlow The Guy Next Cubicle :P
  12. 12.  jQuerymobile jQuerymobile Resources ThemeRoller PhoneGap Emulators download And obviously Google too.
  13. 13. Thanks..!Follow me at Twitter: @mayooresan