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  2. 2. CONTENTS Rise of internet Security Information security Methods to provide security to information What is cryptography Problems in cryptography What is steganography Types of steganography Advantages of steganography Disadvantages of steganography Latest research on steganography Conclusion
  3. 3. RISE OF INTERNET Since the rise of internet one of the most important factors of information technology. Now a days internet became common use. As the use of internet increases providing security to the information is also important thing.
  4. 4. INFORMATION SECURITYInformation security means protecting information systems from unauthorized access, use, disruption, modification, recording or destruction.
  5. 5. METHODS OF PROVIDE SECURITY TO INFORMATIONWe have two methods to provide security to the information. They are:-● Cryptography● Steganography
  6. 6. WHAT IS CRYPTOGRAPHYCryptography is the study of hiding information and it is used when communicating over an untrusted medium such as internet, where information needs to be protected from other third parties.
  7. 7. PROBLEMS IN CRYPTOGRAPHY Encrypt the message, but do not hide the message. Suspicious (doubtful)This problems can be overcome by Steganography.
  8. 8. WHAT IS STEGANOGRAPHY Steganography means hiding information in other information. The word Steganography is derived from the Greek words “STEGOS” means „cover‟ and “GRAFIA” means „writing‟defining it as „covered writing‟. Anyone else viewing this message will fail to know it contains hidden/encrypted data.
  9. 9. TYPES OF STEGANOGRAPHY Encoding Secret Messages in Text Encoding Secret Messages in Audio Encoding Secret Messages in Images Encoding Secret Messages in videos
  10. 10. TEXT STEGANOGRAPHYSteganography in text files can be accomplished through various techniques:-- Line-shift encoding Word-shift encoding Feature encoding
  11. 11.  LINE SHIFT ENCODING:- In this type of coding, Text lines is shifted up/down. WORD SHIFT ENCODING:- In this type of encoding, Word is shifted left to right or vice versa. FEATURE ENCODING:- In this type of encoding, minor changes occurs in shapes of characters.
  12. 12. AUDIO STEGANOGRAPHYAudio steganography embeds the secret message into the music files having formats.The different methods are: Low-bit encoding Phase coding Spread spectrum
  13. 13.  LOW-BIT ENCODING:- In this type of coding, data was stored in the least significant bit of images, binary data can be stored in the least significant bit of audio files. PHASE CODING:- The phase coding method works by substituting the phase of an initial audio segment with a reference phase that represents the data. SPREAD SPECTRUM:- When using a spread spectrum technique, however, the encoded data is spread across as much of the frequency spectrum as possible.
  14. 14. IMAGE STEGANOGRAPHY Images are composed of dots called PIXELS. 8-bit and 24-bit per pixel image files. Each pixel gets its own color by combining percentages of red, green and blue(RGB). For 8bit each of these colors has value from 0 to 225.
  15. 15. Image of a tree with asteganographicallyhidden image.
  16. 16. VIDEO STEGANOGRAPHYVideo Steganography is a technique to hide any kind of files in any extension into a carrrying Video file.
  17. 17. ADVANTAGES It is used in the way of hiding not the information but the password to reach that information. Difficult to detect. Only receiver can detect. Can be applied differently in digital image, audio and video file. It can be done faster with the large number of softwares.
  18. 18. DISADVANTAGES Huge number of data, huge file size, so someone can suspect about it. If this technique is gone in the wrong hands like hackers, terrorist, criminals then this can be very much dangerous for all.
  19. 19. LATEST RESEARCH ON STEGANOGRAPHY The Steganography Analysis and Research Center(SARC) is a Center of Excellence within BackboneSecurity focused exclusively on steganographyresearch and the development of advancedsteganalysis products and services. The SARC hasdeveloped state-of-the-art steganography detectionand extraction capabilities that address the needs ofcomputer forensic examiners and informationtechnology security personnel in law enforcement,government agencies, military organizations, theintelligence community, and the private sector.
  20. 20. CONCLUSION Though Steganography is not implemented in wider ways but it can be the best security tool. The main problem of today‟s world is to secure their data confidentially, the techniques used currently are not considered the best which can only be replaced by Steganography.
  21. 21. THANK YOU……….