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Search engine optimization


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what is seo and how does it affects your website design, interaction design

Published in: Design, Technology
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Search engine optimization

  1. 1. SEO…Search Engine Optimization In Design
  2. 2. Introduction:What is SEO?- Is a process of improving the visibility ofa website/ webpage in search engine.Why SEO?-HUGE Targeted traffic (with big traffic you can do anything you want)- $$$$ x 0 ( affordable / free )
  3. 3. How to SEO?On page|Off PageDesign with SEO
  4. 4. How to SEO?- how google see my site?
  5. 5. How to SEO?- how google see my site?HTML Head Tags Body TagsMeta Description Number of Keyword RepetitionsMeta Keywords Keyword Density… H1 Headline… Internal Link Anchors ……URLLengthSubdomain not sub page…Word Separators……
  6. 6. How to SEO?- the perfect layout…
  7. 7. How to SEO?- game changeSocial media engagement in design ++
  8. 8. How to SEO?- game change VS
  9. 9. How to SEO?-Over use of Ajax Reduce ajax for SEO driven websites
  10. 10. How to SEO?-over use imageGraphic driven website Typography driven website
  11. 11. How to SEO?-over use image VS
  12. 12. How to SEO?-Smart keywords
  13. 13. Practice SEO everywhere