Bing webmaster tools are you getting the second insight


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This article will explain to you why you need to get a second insight into your site's behavior with Bing Webmaster Tools.

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Bing webmaster tools are you getting the second insight

  1. 1. net Bing Webmaster Tools – Are you getting The Second Insight? Nwosu Mavtrevor 7 Flares 7 Flares × Bing Webmaster Tools is to Microsof t what Google Webmaster Tools is to Google. Bing Webmaster Tools is indeed an awesome tool f or webmaster and bloggers to study and gain an insight into their site’s behaviors. Having f irsthand inf ormation of what happens on your site can help you guide it to success. But my interactions with other bloggers have shown that most of them are unf amiliar with Bing Webmaster Tools. Most bloggers and webmasters are only f amiliar with the Google Webmaster Tools and have not bothered exploring the Bing Webmaster Tools. If you don’t have a Bing Webmaster Tools account, now will be a perf ect time to sign up. Like Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools provide a detailed insight into what happens on your sight and I pref er to cal this – The Second Insight! I usually compare data f rom my Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster Tools and this helps me gain a better understanding on what is going on, on my site. Relying on just Google Webmaster Tools alone may not be the best; Bing Webmaster Tools helps me understand better what Google Webmaster Tools is talking about. Must Read: How to use Google WebTools to fix crawl errors on your site Today I intend to guide you through the various f eatures of Bing Webmaster Tools and give you reasons why you should use it. You only need a Microsof t/Hotmail/Live account to use Bing Webmaster Tools. You can login to Bing Webmaster Tools with your Microsof t/Hotmail/Live account and next thing will be to add your site. Add a Site Use the ‘Add a Site’ f eature to add your site to Bing Webmaster Tools, simply enter the URL of your homepage and your sitemap URL and choose your highest traf f ic period and click the ‘ADD’ button to add your site to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  2. 2. Verify Your Site: The next option will be to verif y your site once you have added it to Bing Webmaster tools. Bing of f ers several verif ication methods like XML f ile verif ication, META Tag verif ication and DNS Verif ication. I always f avor the XML f ile verif ication method because it is the least technical. Simply download the “BingSiteAuth.xml” f ile and upload it to your site’s root directory and click on the ‘Verif y’ button at the bottom of the page. Bing Webmaster Tools – Dashboard: Once your site has been verif ied, you can now have access to your Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard; on the dashboard you will see data f rom your Conf igure My Site, Reports & Data, Diagnostics & Tools, and Messages etc. Configure My Site: The Conf igure My Site option will give you all the tools required to correctly conf igure your site so as to obtain the right analytics report. This includes the Sitemap tools which allow you to submit new sitemaps and also access the report and status of the ones you already submitted. Other tools includes the Submit URLs, Ignore URL Parameters, Crawl Control, Deeps Links, Block URLs, Disavow Links, and Users. Reports & Data: The reports and data section provides you with the reports and data gathered on your site over time. Data f rom this section is exportable to spreadsheet. Tools under this section include the Page Traf f ic which shows you the traf f ic stats of the top perf orming pages on a site. Other Tools include Index Explorer, Search Keywords, SEO Reports, Inbound Links, and Crawl Inf ormation. Diagnostics & Tools: This section contains usef ul diagnostics tools to keep your site running ef f ectively. Tools under this section includes the Keyword Research which gives you access to Bing’s keyword research data just like Google’s Keyword tools, other tools includes Link Explorer, Fetch as Bingbot, Markup Validator and SEO analyzer. Message Center: The Bing Webmaster Tools Message Center helps you communicate with Bing, if you are having any issues with your site that needs to be addressed like malware detection, crawl errors, page speed issues etc Bing will contact you f rom here. Must Read: Why bloggers should use Google Analytics Intelligence Events Now I hope you can join Bing Webmaster Tools today and start taking advantage of the numerous usef ul and helpf ul tools they can provide to making your site better. Gain a second insight into your site activities today f rom Bing Webmaster Tools. Tell me what you think of Bing Webmaster Tools and how you have
  3. 3. used it to gain second insight into your site’s activities.