Traffic types in internet


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Traffic types in internet

  1. 1. D Srinivas G AbhiramK Pavan Rohith R Sandeep
  2. 2.  Internet traffic is the flow of data across the internet Networks accommodate an increasingly complex set of data traffic. Identifying the type of traffic will help network administrators to facilitate the optimization of the network.
  3. 3.  Bursty Traffic Interactive Traffic Latency Sensitive Traffic Non-Real Time Traffic
  4. 4.  Uneven Pattern of data transmission Best example FTP Ex: HTTP, FTP downloads, graphic, video content
  5. 5.  Sessions that consist of comparatively short request/response pairs Applications involving real-time interaction with an end user Web browsing, Online purchasing etc. SSL Transactions, IM , Telnet sessions
  6. 6.  Sensitive traffic is traffic the operator has an expectation to deliver on time. This includes VoIP, online gaming, video conferencing A steady stream of traffic Unlike bursty traffic, packets are generated at regular time intervals
  7. 7.  Applications where timely delivery does not matter much Internet protocols like news(NNTP) and send mail (SNTP) Ex: Email, Batch Processing Applications
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