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The importance of pond pumps


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Pond Pumps - - The pond pump is an essential part of any outdoor pond. It provides much needed circulation to keep water fresh, properly oxygenated and healthy.

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The importance of pond pumps

  1. 1. The Importanceof Pond Pumps
  2. 2. Pond pump is an essential part of any outdoor pond!• It provides much needed circulation to keep water fresh, properly oxygenated and healthy.• Pond pumps can also be used to create attractive water features such as waterfalls or fountains.• Brings life and movement to your pond, adding to its beauty as well as its health.
  3. 3. • Pumps come in various sizes and have a range of functions. While some include filters to reduce biological contaminants others may incorporate UV filters to further improve the water quality.• Water pumps are essential for ponds stocked with fish, especially in warmer months when they help to maintain higher levels of oxygen in the water.
  4. 4. Kinds of Pumps • Basic pond pumps• Larger general-purpose pumps • Solar powered pumps • Waterfall pumps • Submersible pumps
  5. 5. Basic Pond Pumps• typically used to power small water features, fountains or ornaments and are usually not suitable for use in large ponds or those with fish
  6. 6. Larger General-purpose Pumps• Larger general-purpose pumps are designed for use with medium sized ponds.• They are also a good choice to power larger waterfalls or fountains.• These pumps will often have a filter to remove plant material from a pond while preventing damage to the pump.
  7. 7. Solar Powered Pumps• Solar powered pumps are becoming more and more popular because they are more economical to operate.• Most of these pumps however require connection to a power supply. It is strongly recommended that pond owners wishing to install a solar powered pump consult an electrician.
  8. 8. Waterfall Pumps• Waterfall pumps are designed specifically for waterfall features and are unable to power fountains.• These pumps are usually designed to operate constantly. This makes them ideal for keeping the levels of oxygen high in ponds stocked with fish.
  9. 9. Submersible Pumps• Submersible pumps are intended for use under water. In order to provide the best circulation, a submersible pump should be positioned in the deepest part of the pond. Be sure the pump is easy to retrieve in case you need to access it for maintenance. While many pond owners without fish may choose to remove their submersible pumps over winter, those with fish should keep the pump running. Adding a pond heater can help prevent the pond and pump from freezing.
  10. 10. Selecting a Pump• consider the size of your pond and whether or not it includes fish.• Larger ponds and those with fish require pumps that operate continuously and are capable of circulating the entire volume of the pond every hour or two.• If your pond also includes a waterfall or fountain, buying a separate pump to power these features will allow you to switch them off without interrupting the filtering and aeration of the pond.
  11. 11. True Pump and Equipment “Your Pond Store”