Count On Market Place Dentistry, Tustin For Oral Health Care And Dental Treatments


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Dr. Naz Haque is a certified dentist who consistently strives to offer the maximum level of dental care to her patients using state-of-the-art technology. She has a vast experience in the dentistry field and always provides compassionate care with utmost professionalism.

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Count On Market Place Dentistry, Tustin For Oral Health Care And Dental Treatments

  1. 1. Count On Market PlaceDentistry, Tustin For OralHealth Care And DentalTreatments
  2. 2. Dr. Naz Haque is a certified dentist who consistently strivesto offer the maximum level of dental care to her patientsusing state-of-the-art technology. She has a vast experiencein the dentistry field and always provides compassionatecare with utmost professionalism. She studied at UCLA andattained her graduate degree from there and later, sheenrolled at NYU College of Dentistry where she received herDDS.
  3. 3. Dr. Naz Haque completed a hospital based general practiceresidency from LAC+USC Healthcare Network. She is adoctor at a cosmetic and family dentistry in Tustin, OrangeCounty that provides comprehensive dental care to a greatnumber of patients. Market Place Dentistry, situated atTustin, exceeds all the safety guidelines offered by theAmerican Dental Association. By focusing on both qualityand the latest technology, the office has been providingcomprehensive oral health care under one roof with specialcare that includes periodontics, orthodontics, and dentalimplants.
  4. 4. The facility offers effective treatments for various types ofdental health problems such as Bad Breath or Halitosis,Composite Bonding, Periodontal (Gum) Disease, Root CanalTherapy (Endodontics), TMJ Syndrome, etc. The MarketPlace Dentistry, Tustin also provides proper treatments forsports dentistry as many people involve themselves in sportsactivities without using a mouth guard. They offer protectionwith custom-formed sport mouth guard as studies havedeclared that mouth guards can reduce not only the risk ofinjury to the teeth, but also decrease the risk of concussion.
  5. 5. Michelle A. of Cornerstone Village said “I was fitted withInvisalign at Market Place Dentistry, and from the initialconsultation till the final removal of my braces, Dr Naztreated me with the utmost consideration and all myconcerns were immediately dealt with. Thank you so muchfor the wonderful experience”.
  6. 6. Dr. Naz Haque has been practicing dentistry for over 15years, and has been working in Orange County for almost adecade. She is a reliable, dependable, and a compassionatedentist who is highly consulted for dental implants, Invisalign,one hour laser teeth whitening, and metal free crowns. Sheuses Kodak Digital X-rays that reduce the radiation exposureby 85%. It also has the worlds finest and most advancedKodak Cosmetic Software which brings forth numerouspossibilities of building smiles. Restorations done here aremetal free, and they also look natural. Whether its a smilemakeover, or a simple cleaning, patients can visit thisdentistry where complete patient satisfaction is the primegoal.
  7. 7. About Dr. Naz HaqueHaving worked for eleven years as a professional dentist, DrNaz Haque applies her experience and skills to each patientand case that she takes on. She has advanced training inprosthetic rehabilitation and full mouth reconstruction. Whileworking as the Director of Dental Services at St. Johns, shetrained interns and residents from Childrens Hospital of LosAngeles. In 2001, she became Chief of Dental Services atLAC+USC and serves as an associate Professor ofDentistry. She has published several articles, and served onthe Oral Health task force.
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