3 d art by irish students.


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  • We drew sketches of the envisioned object (though it did not turn out as planned) We decided on measurements, materials, numbers of each. We planned out, step by step, the process required Once happy with our plan, we started at square one
  • Orignial structure needed to be altered. Fragile (men and inner strucuture) Paint, kept getting scratched or marked Dirt(the glue was always on our hands so it got on sashes ) First layer of men made it difficult to work on bottom layer Needed a brick to hold down metal bars and brick got stuck on bottom level, had to break bottom level which was fragile any way Lack of inner bar material (paper at back)
  • After deciding on measurements and numbers, we started cutting out pieces upon pieces of metal. 380 tiny pieces to be exact – with lengths of 2 and 3 centimetres each After cutting all these tiny pieces we began the long process of welding (which would have been impossible if not for the help of our metalwork teacher Mr Nugent. When welded and cooled, we laid them out, one by one, and sprayed them a base coat of black and then silver or gold, depending on our ranking of them in our system. When the 45 men and woman were finished we then turned to the structure itself
  • The structure was originally planned to be square but when difficulties arose with the attaching of the men we decided upon the more practical circular shape. Firstly we set upon deciding the diameter of each circle, relative to the size of the men. We agreed on a base circle with a diameter of 40cm, and a general decrease of 3cm in diameter, 1.5cm from every side. When a size was agreed upon we measured out or circular pieces of metal, spot-welded and allowed them cool. Afterwards we attached the thin bar structure along the sides to position the circles. We then sprayed it black as a basecoat. When it dried we decided we were unhappy with the hollow interior and decided on the star like criss-cross of the metal in the centre of each circle. We took careful measurements of each individual piece and cut them all with a guillotine. After cutting we painted these metal pieces before attaching them with tech 7 (for those of you who are unaware as we were before introduced to it by our metal work teacher, tech 7 is an adhesive like substance that dries to for a plastic like hardness) After this came the delicately tricky task of attaching the men. After many failed attempts which you have already heard about, we decided to hold them men to the structure with masking tape, to allow them time to dry. This process proved very successful except for the minor casualties that needed reinforcement. When then gave each man their own coloured sash to represent their rank in the caste system of Brave New World. Finally, we made the light fixture that majestically sits on top of the structure to represent “Ford”, which would be the so called God of the novel. After attaching it with tech 7 we gave the structure one last coat of black, stood it on top of our wooden base and presented it to our classmates.
  • Re-paint inner bars Re-spray Men Add light buld and hide wire Cut and paint board Add sashes Test present
  • 3 d art by irish students.

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