Bride's guide to wedding planning


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Bride's guide to wedding planning

  1. 1. The Bride’s Guide to Easy Wedding PlanningBy the avenue banquet hallThe Stress-Free Way to Have a Perfect DayTimelineOnce you are engaged, you choose your wedding date and set yourtimeline for planning your perfect wedding. The steps you take are thesame regardless of the length of time you have to plan. If you haveless than three months before your big day, you might have to rushwith some elements. This guide will help you step through the weddingplanning details successfully, whether you plan a simple wedding or anextravaganza.There are some tasks that you have to start early:  Setting the date  Finding the location for the wedding and for the reception  Building a guest list  Sending invitations  Choosing a theme  Planning the menuAnd some that are ongoing. The first task is:Announcing Your EngagementPlacing the engagement announcement in a newspaper was thetraditional method for getting the message out but social media hasbecome an acceptable alternative or additional method. Some people
  2. 2. send out emails, or set up a dedicated website or Facebook pageannouncing their engagement.An elegant and old-fashioned method is sending out handwritten notesto your friends and family. If you prefer, you can have announcementsprinted and mailed out. Mini Checklist  Write Announcement  Include date: Yes or No  Send AnnouncementSetting the DateHand in hand with announcing your engagement is setting the dateand time for your wedding. You can announce your engagement andwait to announce the date when you send out the invitations.The venue for the wedding determines the date. You may have tomake a choice between the time and date and the location. Sometimes of the year are popular for weddings so if you have your heartset on a location, check early to see if it is available and if it is, book it. Mini Checklist  Check venue  Choose person to conduct the ceremony  Set date
  3. 3. The Guest ListStart with the essential guests you want to celebrate with you. Theseare your family, your best friends, and the people you are duty-boundto invite. Mini Checklist  Make a list  Set it aside until the budget is decided  Refine the listThe InvitationsChoose the invitation design and style and begin to address theenvelopes. You have the choice of inviting people to the weddingceremony or to both the ceremony and the reception.Send out the invitations about six weeks in advance.If guests are coming from out of town, allow them time to make plansto travel. You might want to send out invitations out 10 weeks inadvance. Mini Checklist  Choose design for invitations  Consider ordering matching cards for sending out thank you notes after the wedding  Collect the addresses for mailing the invitations  Address the envelopes  Choose the mailing date  Mail the invitations
  4. 4. Mini-TasksThese are all essential elements that you can fit in around the bigtasks. Start working on these as soon as you can.  Set up your gift registry  Choose bridesmaids and maid of honor  Choose best man and groomsmen  Choose wedding hairstyles  Choose dresses  Choose tuxedos or suits  Choose gifts for your wedding party  Videotaping  Wedding music  Wedding cake  Flowers  Having an ongoingKeep a running list of wedding to-do items. Add to it as you think ofnew things.BudgetHow much money do you plan to spend?Who is paying the bill?You need to discuss this first before deciding on the size of thewedding. The average cost per guest per wedding is about $100. Halfof this cost is for the reception. The other half covers items such asthe flowers, decorations, and space.
  5. 5. Incidentals and Other Necessary Costs  Guest book  Basket for the flower girl  Pillow for ring bearer  Party favorsWedding ThemeWhen you plan your wedding, after the details such and date andguest list and budget, choose a theme. You need this set in placebefore choosing the décor, music, flowers, and food.Theme Ideas  Classic old-fashioned wedding  Cultural wedding with the wardrobe, music, food, and ceremony that represents your heritage  Hobby-based theme such as a golf course wedding  Fairy tale theme.  Vintage wedding  Tropical wedding  Tropical wedding in a tropical locale  Back yard wedding  Color-based wedding where everything has a touch or the same colorChoose flowers and music to suit the theme.The FoodThis is a checklist to cover all food-related decisions.
  6. 6. Who prepares the meal?  Caterer  You and friendsServing style:  Buffet  Hors d’oeuvre  Sit-down meal  Hot meal  Cold plate  Finger food  Salad barConcerns?  Vegetarian guests  Gluten-free diet  Religious dietary concerns  Allergies Caterer Checklist  Shop around  Check out their reputation  Ask for a sample of their food  Have a written contact with the caterer o The time, location, and equipment responsibility o Cost per person o The number of guests clearly defined o Deadline for final confirmation of the details
  7. 7. Arriving at the ReceptionThe reception begins when you arrive.The receiving line is usually set up this way:  Mother of the bride  Father of the bride  Mother of the groom  Father of the groom  Bride  Groom  Maid of honor  Best man  Bridesmaid and groomsman (repeated all bridesmaids and groomsmen)However you can rearrange this to suit your needs. An alternative isbride’s parents, bride, groom, and then the parents of the groomfollowed by the maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids andgroomsmen.If there are delicate situations such as divorced parents, discuss thereceiving line with the parents to see what they feel comfortabledoing.Entering the ReceptionAfter everyone has gone through the receiving line, the master ofceremonies introduces the wedding party.The entrance of the wedding party is usually in this order:
  8. 8.  Parents of the bride  Parents of the groom  Bridesmaids and groomsmen in pair  Maid of honor and best man  Flower girl and ring bearer  The bride and groom.The first dance can take place now or you can wait until after the mealand the dancing begins.The MealThe order of events may begin with a blessing or prayer. It is followedby a toast by the best man.Speeches can be delivered throughout the meal.The DancingAfter the meal, the dancing begins. If you already had your firstdance, lead the dancers up to the floor.Once the dancing is underway, you can cut the cake.Having planned a time to leave for your honeymoon, get ready to tossthe bouquet. It is a nice touch to have snacks around this time sopeople can still socialize while you change into your going awayclothes.Ready to Go?Come back for a last dance and then leave for your honeymoon.
  9. 9. Your wedding party helps pack up items in the banquet hall thatbelong to the wedding party.Copy write by the avenue banquet hallThe caterer takes care of the meal cleanup and the banquet hall takescare of the tidying up of the hall.Things You Must Do  Check in with the caterer a month before the wedding to confirm the meal and the number of guests  Check in two weeks before on the flower arrangement plans  Arrange hair and makeup appointments for the morning of the wedding  Check to see that all dresses fit in time for alterations if necessary  Order “Thank You” notes  Keep your guest list addresses to make sending thank you notes easierRecapKeep a list. Just use one main list so you do not accidentally missanything.Start early and consistently check your list to see that all isprogressing as planned.Set a realistic budget and adjust the cost of the wedding either in sizeor complexity to keep within your budget.Have fun and enjoy your new life together.
  10. 10. Copy write by the avenue banquet hall