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Dysfunctional Teams & The Wisdom of Ants: Kirsten Butzow


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Business of Software Europe 2017

Published in: Software
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Dysfunctional Teams & The Wisdom of Ants: Kirsten Butzow

  1. 1. P R E S E N T E D B Y Kirsten Butzow Pragmatic Marketing DYSFUNCTIONAL TEAMS A N D The Wisdom of Ants
  2. 2. “Why do you hate children?”
  3. 3. Product Management Design OperationsDevelopment MarketingQA
  4. 4. We needed help
  5. 5. Shared Vision
  6. 6. To help the Amazon Rainforest thrive “ “
  7. 7. Build enterprise solutions for K-12 school districts with a dedicated focus on metrics “ “
  8. 8. We unleash the power of potential in every student by enabling teaching and learning “ “
  9. 9. Commitment
  10. 10. Who approved this design? Is a floating colony still the right idea? I bet the steering committee was a bunch of anteaters!
  11. 11. Belief
  12. 12. Student Parent Teacher Administrator Who Is in Your Community?
  13. 13. Superorganism
  14. 14. Did It Work?
  15. 15. For Ants: World Domination
  16. 16. For Us: YES (albeit, a bit more modest, with hopes of world domination) 10% 20% 15% Improvement in customer satisfaction Reduction of support calls Increase in product delivery velocity