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Anx custom reports & dashboards [compatibility mode]


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Success story of ANX with Salesforce

Published in: Technology, Business
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Anx custom reports & dashboards [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Lead & Opportunity Analysis through custom DashboardsCompany: ANXOpportunity: Reports & Dashboards – Leads & OpportunityVertical: Hi tech Software Services? Challenge Solution Benefits . ANX provide software solutions Created a lead dashboard Dashboard for leads gave a to secure customers’ data and segregated as per product clear view of lead generation their business interactions lines to display progression of in each product line along with leads on a weekly, monthly & their status progression to ANX wanted a consolidated yearly basis. opportunities or closures on a analysis of lead and revenue weekly, monthly and yearly generation for different basis, leading to simplified Created an opportunity verticals, to strategize their marketing analytics dashboard for various product sales and marketing initiatives lines which displayed the pipeline projection on weekly, Dashboard for opportunities ANX wanted an analytic monthly & yearly basis gave a detailed report of the segregation of leads and revenue generated and in opportunities on a weekly, pipeline for each product line monthly & yearly basis to hence saving time and effort manage workforce & predict on extracting and compiling revenues data