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Decision making


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Published in: Spiritual
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Decision making

  1. 1. Decision Making Train Track and Children
  2. 2. Introduction The story given here is quite interesting and really gives us an insight into DECISION MAKING
  3. 3. Which one will you choose?A group of children were playingnear two railway tracks, one still inuse while the other disused. Onlyone child played on the disusedtrack, the rest on the operationaltrack.
  4. 4. Which one will you choose? The train came, and you were just beside the track interchange. You could make the train change its course to the disused track and saved most of the kids.
  5. 5. Which one will you choose?However, that would also mean thelone child playing by the disusedtrack would be sacrificed. Or wouldyou rather let the train go its way?Lets take a pause to think whatkind of decision we couldmake................
  6. 6. Which one will you choose?Analyse the situation………….Think and reflect…….Decided your answer !!!!Now … go ahead
  7. 7. Which one will you choose?Most people might choose to divertthe course of the train, and sacrificeonly one child. To save most of thechildren at the expense of only onechild was rational decision mostpeople would make, morally andemotionally.
  8. 8. Which one will you choose?But, have you ever thought that thechild choosing to play on the disusedtrack had in fact made the rightdecision to play at a safe place?Nevertheless, he had to be sacrificedbecause of his ignorant friends whochose to play where the danger was.
  9. 9. Which one will you choose?This kind of dilemma happensaround us everyday. In the office,community, in politics andespecially in a democraticsociety, the minority is oftensacrificed for the interest of themajority, no matter how foolish orignorant the majority are, andhow farsighted andknowledgeable the minority are.
  10. 10. Which one will you choose?The child who chose not to playwith the rest on the operationaltrack was sidelined. And in thecase he was sacrificed, no onewould shed a tear for him.
  11. 11. Which one will you choose?To make the proper decision isnot try to change the course ofthe train because the kids playingon the operational track shouldhave known very well that trackwas still in use, and that theyshould have run away if theyheard the trains sirens.
  12. 12. Which one will you choose?If the train was diverted, that lonechild would definitely die becausehe never thought the train couldcome over to that track!Moreover, that track was not inuse probably because it was notsafe.
  13. 13. Which one will you choose?If the train was diverted to thetrack, we could put the lives of allpassengers on board at stake!And in your attempt to save a fewkids by sacrificing one child, youmight end up sacrificinghundreds of people to save thesefew kids
  14. 14. Which one will you choose?While we are all aware that life isfull of tough decisions that needto be made, we may not realizethat hasty decisions may notalways be the right one."Remember that whats right isntalways popular... and whatspopular isnt always right."
  15. 15. RememberEverybody makes mistakes; thats why they put erasers on pencils