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70 types of content writing |Types of content


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Looking for website visitors. Content is must. But how many do you know. Blog, article not enough. You need to leverage all of them. We have jotted down 70 types of content.

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70 types of content writing |Types of content

  1. 1. Thinking of website or blog visitors. Article writing not enough. Know these content writing
  2. 2. 1. Advertising copy 2. Advertorial 3. Analyst report 4. Application 5. Article writing
  3. 3. 6.Banner 7.Battle card 8.Blog commenting 9.Blog writing 10.Brochure
  4. 4. 11.Business Roadmaps 12.Buyer persona 13.Case studies 14.Check list 15.Comp chart
  5. 5. 16.Cook book 17.customer presentation 18.Data sheet specification mailer
  6. 6. 21.Documentation 22.Ebook 23.Edm 24.Fact sheet 25.Flyer
  7. 7. 26.Forum 27.Ghost writing 28.Guarantee and Warrantee 29.How-to 30.Infographic
  8. 8. 31.Internal presentation 32.Interview 33.Landing page 35.Magazine
  9. 9. 36.Marketing kit 37.Messaging 38.Newsletter 39.Personal story 40.Pitch book
  10. 10. 41.Post card 42.Poster 43.Presentation 44.Press release 45.Process document
  11. 11. 46.Privacy policy 47.Disclaimer 48.Return policy 49.Product documentation 50.Product review
  12. 12. 51.Profile 52.Question and answer 53.questionnaire 54.Quick reference card 55.Quick specs
  13. 13. 56.Reference guide 57.Sales guide 58.SAS 59.Service level agreement (SLA) 60.Solution brief
  14. 14. 61.SOP 62.Squeeze page 63.Success stories 64.Technical writing 65.Testimonial
  15. 15. 66.Training manual 67.UGC 68.User guide 69.Web content writing 70.White paper