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Transitional expressions, portfolio


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here there bare some useful expressions for your writing documents...xD

Published in: Technology, Education
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Transitional expressions, portfolio

  1. 1. TransitionalexpressionsIn shortAlsoNext toAccordinglyBesides
  2. 2. Before meThusEqually importantNextFinallyMeanwhileIn fact
  3. 3. AgainOpposite toLike wiseIn the distanceTo the leftIn the placeThen
  4. 4. HereAboveWhereasBeyondAndButYet
  5. 5. NorThereforeFor exampleAs a resultneverthelessNearbyOtherwise
  6. 6. In additionBelowJust asFurthermoreAcross fromIn other wordsTo sum up
  7. 7. For instanceFirstSecondOn the contraryHoweverMoreoverSimilarly
  8. 8. For next classpresent thetranslation in Spanishof these words,there will be a Quizabout them ( In thenotebook)