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How to develop digital marketing strategy


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How to develop digital marketing strategy

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategy A strategic recommendation to set up digital marketing in overseas market.
  2. 2. Objective A FMCG company wants to develop its digital marketing strategy for an overseas market. The company needs to setup digital advertising / marketing to attract potential distributors. Digital Marketing Strategy
  3. 3. Digital Marketing Strategy Recommended digital marketing strategy:  Online marketing strategy  Content marketing strategy  Google AdWords  Search Engine Optimization  Facebook Ads  Twitter Advertising  Online Resources and Guides  Social Media Marketing
  4. 4. Digital Marketing Strategy Online marketing strategy First write out the online marketing plan by keeping in mind the following aspects:  Plan the brand's Narratives and messages  Determine the online Channels through channel evaluation  Develop the Social sharing plan  Plan the measurement KPIs and metrics for feedback and improvement
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Strategy Content marketing strategy The following approach is recommended:  content development and planning  content type: (newsletters, case studies, brochures, support manuals, testimonials, emailers, visuals, blog articles, presentations, & videos)  Though leadership (blog articles, magazine articles, webinars, social media chats using hashtags)  Editorial calendar (for producing and distributing our content)  Measure content performance
  6. 6. Digital Marketing Strategy Google AdWords Plan  Develop Keywords research Plan  Design Search campaign  Defining the quality score  Tracking & optimizing performance Search Engine Optimization  Perform SEO analysis of current online presence  Implement SEO best practices for the websites, blog, and other channels.
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Strategy Facebook Ads and Twitter Advertisements  Decide the Facebook Ad budget and Ad types  Create Facebook ad  Manage Facebook campaign  Manage Promoted account campaign and Tweet Campaigns  Measuring and optimize
  8. 8. Digital Marketing Strategy Online resources  Integrated blog with the website  Forums and polls for user engagement  Develop case studies, manuals, tutorials  Plan webinars Social Media Management  Distribute viral content (videos, images, WhatsApp & WeChat messages, articles)  Manage SlideShare, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook channels  Manage email campaigns  Implement social listening
  9. 9. Human Resource Consideration Recommended team size for the above plan Team strength: 4 member • 1 Marketing manager • 1 content writer • 1 SEO & AdWords expert
  10. 10. THANK YOU! Presented by THANK YOU! Sunil Malik MBA , IIM Shillong Marketing & Strategy Expert with 7 years of experience in IT industry. Contact: Twitter: @sunilmalik_iim