Getting the Weird Job


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Presented at Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management, this presentation detailed my oddball resume, how I came to business school, and how to go to any career you want.

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Getting the Weird Job

  1. 1. Getting the Weird Job Mack Elder October 17, 2013
  2. 2. A Little Bit About Me • Internship in Marketing & Social Outreach at Myriad Restaurant Group, New York City • University of Southern California Graduate – Cinema/Television—Critical Studies, 2006 • • • • • • • Founder, Clipped Records & Films Partner in OrbSpeed video conferencing software Sales & Liaison work with AAFES & NEXCOM Label member at American Association of Independent Music Former reality show editor Erstwhile film critic and fiction writer And one time I was featured in Penthouse (absolutely one hundred percent true).
  3. 3. The Owen Dilemma • • • • • Pressure at info sessions Rush to the offer Do I want to do these? What do I want to do? Do I have to go the same route as my peers?
  4. 4. NOPE.
  5. 5. New Rules • You can do whatever you want. • Especially what you’re good at. • But you have to work like hell for it. • So start today.
  6. 6. Building the New You • What does your résumé look like now? – Does it exist for the job you want or for the “standard” job? • Who do you know? – What are the connections that are most important to where you want to end up? • What is your ideal job? – Can you express quickly and succinctly the exact thing you want to do with your life?
  7. 7. You Won’t Know What You Want • “You Can’t Get What You Want (‘Til You Know What You Want)” – Geography • What place am I in love with? – Function • How do I best solve problems? – Industry • Is there something I never want to shut up about?
  8. 8. Spock Lives. • Know your ending. – If you could do anything, end up anywhere, what would you do with your life? • Then work backwards. • You know where you’re starting. – So what does the road look like from Owen to your happily ever after?
  9. 9. The Personal is Professional • Don’t put a wall between the two – You never know where the next great idea will appear • You have to be at your job a lot – So you should be interested in it – And not hate it. • What would you do if you could do anything?
  10. 10. Info Sessions: Only the Beginning • If you wait for your job to come to you, then you will never get a job. • Owen has amazing resources. – Use ALL OF THEM. • Talk to the CMC. • Plumb the depths of GPS. • Reach out to the alumni network. – But that’s not the end of it. • Now the work really starts.
  11. 11. NETWORKING (is a ten-letter word) • The rules of business are not that different from the rest of the world – People can spot a phony anywhere – So don’t be one. • Be honest, be patient, be kind. • And most of all…
  12. 12. Bring Something to the Table • “What Have You Done For BG Today?” – There is always someone else! • What are you doing right now to show that you’ve earned the job? • You have to be forever building your achievements. – Be Good. – Do Good. – Offer Help.
  13. 13. Understand What You Have • What’s on your résumé? • What are the big points? – Companies want to see that you’ve done something – Competencies, peculiarities, specialties • What do they want?
  14. 14. What Myriad Saw • The big points on my résumé – Internship at Miramax • Shared connections, experience in marketing – Concentrations, specializations, and clubs • Companies really do want to see your club work! – My Star Trek credentials • Every company asked about this – Nothing is too small or too esoteric.
  15. 15. So Remember… • Networking is just talking. • So be engaging, kind, honest, and sincere • Every job wants something different. • So tailor your résumé! • And do your research! • “Nice makes nice.” • Keep making things. • Always be ready to lend a hand. • Because people will remember. • There is always someone else. • Stay at the forefront of their minds. • But don’t be obnoxious. • Demonstrate why they need you. • Be confident! • After all…it’s just a job.
  16. 16. Getting in touch • • • • Email: Twitter: @jimmyrabbitte Schedule a meeting Or ask a question right now! • So…questions?