Authentic yoga tradition


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Authentic Yoga Tradition - Level-1 programs , workshops, conducted by Acharya Girish jha is total programs aims at health, harmony and happiness

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Authentic yoga tradition

  1. 1. Website: Register for online sessionWhat is authentic yoga tradition? This presentation1. What is AYT- authentic yoga tradition?2. A New Paradigm for modern man3. Why AYT is important for modern man ?4. How it works ?5. What is in AYT6. How to begin?7. What is the result
  2. 2. 1.What is authentic yoga Website: Register for online sessiontradition? • 6000 years old, 3000 masters, over 1000 texts • Living tradition – still continues – oral tradition • master –disciple tradition – knowledge transmitted aims at awakening , liberation and freedom • Not to gather information , train mind but transcend it
  3. 3. 2.1 A New Paradigm for modern Website: http://www.authenticyogatradition.comman Register for online session 1. Matter based approach • Outer world contains the solutions of all problems • Science , society, profession, personal life- running for peace, happiness and prosperity • Inner bankruptcy , ignorance and suffering
  4. 4. 2.2 A New Paradigm for modern Website: http://www.authenticyogatradition.comman Register for online session 1. Consciousness based approach • At the center of our existence – it is consciousness not the matter • Inner moves the outer not the opposite • Hence , discovery of Inner first is the key • Discover Inner first – allow it to manifest in outer life • New paradigm of living - AYT
  5. 5. Website: Register for online session3.Why AYT is important for modern man ? 1. Seeking peace, harmony , happiness in life in the world 2. But peace, happiness , harmony are the values of the existence – real-self – consciousness 3. Understanding , knowing , practices aims at self discovery is the key to AYT 4. Going within , living within , awakening within
  6. 6. Website: http://www.authenticyogatradition.com4. How AYT works ? Register for online session1. Mind moves within – discovers the presence within2. Peace within – allow it to manifest in personal, professional, social and spiritual lives3. A movement from inner to outer drops stress, sufferings , problems4. Refer all your issues of outer life to Inner Center
  7. 7. 5. What is in AYT- practices and Website: http://www.authenticyogatradition.comlife Register for online session 1. 52 groups of practices 2. Knowing , practices depends on the mental states, issues , problems etc. 3. AYT-1 -10 groups of practices 4. Physical , mental, emotional, self awareness, relaxation , energy practices and more 5. Simple, highly effective, easy to do
  8. 8. Website: http://www.authenticyogatradition.com6. How to begin AYT ? Register for online session1. Raise awareness level from current level to 10% more2. Move into deep relaxation to touch the center within3. Challenge body and mind to awaken and drop ignorance and unconsciousness4. Raise energy level
  9. 9. Website: Register for online session7.What is result ?- AYT1. Rest and relaxation2. Awareness of Inner center3. awakening to wisdom moves to the mind4. Liberating force comes from Inner Center5. New paradigm of living –6. Awaken to be responsible – move with affection to people, life, works , events