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More About Simply Shanti Meditation (SSM) (


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More About Simply Shanti Meditation (SSM) (

  1. 1. More About (Simply Shanti Meditation) Simply Shanti Meditation (SSM) Evolve and help others to evolve by Acharya Girish Jha , more details at 1
  2. 2. More About 33 years of evolving and helping people evolve Guidance for health, harmony, happiness Peace, prosperity and success Personal, professional, social and spiritual excellence (Simply Shanti Meditation) Free from cult, dogma, belief, religion 2
  3. 3. More About What is the most important for modern man? It is conscious rest, relaxation, inner calm, peace, happiness It is creativity, performance, motivation It is love, energy, awareness and peace (Simply Shanti Meditation) Simply Shanti Meditation offers all 3
  4. 4. More About (Simply Shanti Meditation) It is simple, easy, effective, effortless and natural Follows the fundamentals of eternal traditions and masters It is passive where you do nothing accept move the mind within It is easily customized to suit kids, adult, youth, seniors It is effectively suited for military, professionals 4
  5. 5. More About Started teaching meditation 33 years ago Combined steps of Tantra, Raja, Jainism, Buddhism, And Jnana, Bhakti, Zen and others Evolving technique with students and participants (Simply Shanti Meditation) Now it is Simply Shanti Meditation 5
  6. 6. More About (Simply Shanti Meditation) Simply – you prepare by being comfortable, carefree, and casual Shanti- Sanskrit word ‘peace’ independent of anything outside Meditation – follow 5 steps in which we allow the mind to move passively* Awaken to inner peace But this is the beginning – read more below *SSM has five levels. First level has 5 steps 6
  7. 7. More About (Simply Shanti Meditation) Stages are progressive in every level of SSM Levels are advanced meditation techniques of SSM There are five levels of SSM- 1 to SSM-5 Every level has five stages Specialized programs are customized for target groups 7
  8. 8. More About SSM-1 5 steps SSM-2 7 steps but reduced to min. 4 as you advance SSM-3 7 steps but reduced to min. 4 steps as you advance SSM-4 9 Steps but reduced to min. 4 steps as you advance (Simply Shanti Meditation) SSM-5 0 Steps but reduced to min. 4 steps as you advance 8
  9. 9. More About (Simply Shanti Meditation) Stage 1- Learning and engagement Stage 2- Education Stage 3- Empowerment Stage 4- Experience and experiment Stage 5- Evolution and transformation 9
  10. 10. More About Every stage offers min 10 principles from fundamentals of meditation Aims at health, harmony, happiness, inner peace, creativity, performance, (Simply Shanti Meditation) Leads to personal, professional, social and spiritual excellence 10
  11. 11. More About Youth Seniors Corporate Military Prisoners (Simply Shanti Meditation) Women Family 11
  12. 12. More About Simply Kundalini Mediation Simply Personal Transformation Program Individual selfdiscovery program Personal stress management program Simply Kundalini Meditation Program (Simply Shanti Meditation) Simply Illness Management Program And more ……write to us 12
  13. 13. More About 13 (Simply Shanti Meditation)
  14. 14. More About (Simply Shanti Meditation)  SSM* - Simply Shanti Meditation is the names of many programs , however, when we use Simply Shanti Meditation , it means Level-1 of Simply Shanti Meditation  5 steps** - it means SSM- Level-1 has five steps. every level of SSM -1 to 5 have different number of steps.  View and read information at or  Send email about your issues at or or send details email message  Read blog at  Register for online program at HelpOuts*** or at send details email for attending online program  Follow Us/ Like Us 14