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Coffee fanatic (2)


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Coffee is a $120 Billion Dollar a year business. A Hot Cup Of Coffee Is A Necessity To Start The
Day...And 108 Million Americans Say They
Can't Function Without Their Daily
Dose Of Caffeine!

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Coffee fanatic (2)

  1. 1. COFFEE Fanatic It is easy to become a coffee fanatic especially if you work around people who love coffee and talk about coffee everyday. You start out by drinking coffee because you forgot your hot coco or you were running late so you take a sip of coffee from the coffee pot at work. The coffee has a smooth, chocolate and milky taste. Not bad. The next time you forget to bring your coco or running late again you contribute your quarter to the office coffee club pot and have another experience drinking the hot stuff. Hmm! This time the coffee has a cinnamon flavor and it warms your
  2. 2. spine as it flows down your throat. You think to yourself a quarter vs. a dollar you spend everyday for your coco. You decide it is cheaper to drink coffee at work instead of stopping at the store to get your hot coco. You officially join the coffee club at work and now have a story to contribute to the other members of the coffee club.
  3. 3. You can brew your mug of coffee in an assortment of manners and methods. Each method has different traits to complement different tastes, preferences, and lifestyles. But the things all coffee makers have in common is that fact they brew your favorite drink without the need to boil coffee in a separate container.
  4. 4. The filter size, the water tank and the carafe combined shall decide the quantity of coffee that you can produce with your machine.
  5. 5. Choosing a coffee maker is a matter of attributes, cost, preferences, and brand name. These elements, along with what you actually demand from your coffee maker, should be taken into account when selecting a coffee maker that will best match your requirements. Amongst the varieties of coffee makers and their perks are:
  6. 6. Drip Coffee Makers This sort of coffee maker comes in 4 to 12 cup capacities. They are also to be found in various styles and varieties at various prices. Drip coffee makers are a relatively economical coffee maker drawn parallel to other machines. The most popular drip coffee makers
  7. 7. are typically around the 10-12 cup size. Hotels and small families find the smaller 4-cup models ideal though. If you're buying a drip coffee maker, you have to make a selection between glass and thermal carafe. You can also choose styles fashioned for dripping
  8. 8. directly into a travel mug. They are really common and even non-coffee drinkers oftentimes have them solely for entertainment purposes. Percolators Percolators used to be the standard kind of coffee
  9. 9. machine years ago. There are individuals who claimed that it brews richer and tastier coffee than drip configurations. However, percolators come in few designs and capacity choices. The typical design for people who wish to perk the coffee grounds is glass type percolators that are aimed for stove-top use. However, the most popular design is that of the automated electric brewer.
  10. 10. The French Press French presses go back many years. This brewer performs by pressing the coffee grounds in to the boiling water to produce darker and richer coffee. One drawback to the French press though is its small capacity and the matter that it should be used manually. There is no automatic option.
  11. 11. Single pod or One cup Coffee Makers Here in this style, the tea and coffee pod is arranged in the basket. The water emerging from the tank drops through the pod, to the mug. Although this coffee maker is fantastic in prepping clean specialty teas, coffees, lattes, and herbal beverages, the quantity of drink it produces may not be enough for bigger families.
  12. 12. Specialty Brewers The most highly-priced type of coffee machine is the espresso maker which could be used to make espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. These coffee machines have functions and features that allow users to make specialty coffees. Some units are actually very efficient to use given the automation capabilities. Among the things you must consider when purchasing specialty coffee makers are serving size, kind of brewing, physical size, and function.
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