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Interview to Charlotte Perkins Gilman


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Task 2, Online Language Test Gothic Genre.

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Interview to Charlotte Perkins Gilman

  1. 1. Luna Perez Muniz Language Test –Gothic Genre Task 2 A: Good afternoon Charlotte, how do you do? I have some questions for you… 1B: Very well, thank you! Let us begin! A: When were you born? 2B: I was born on July 3rd, of 1860 in Hartford, Connecticut. A: What is your passion, what do you do? 3B: I am a novelist. I write short stories, poetry, and nonfiction. I love it. I am inspired by my own personal life, thoughts and ideas. A: Interesting... tell me about your family. 4B: My mother is called Mary, Mary Perkins. My father is Frederic Beecher Perkins, the American editor, librarian and writer. He also lived in Connecticut most of his life. Anyway, he abandoned me, my brother and mother and left when I was very young. I spent a lot of my life with my aunts taking care of us. Isabella, Harriet and Catharine. A: What where your first foreshadowing signs? What told you that you would love so much literature and poetry? B: Well... everything started when I was five. I learned to read then. My mother was ill and I was bored so I began to read words in old books. Anyway, she didn’t like the fact that I read. She forbade me and my brother to read fiction. She said we would finish hurt, as she had been. When I grew older and became more popular, my father contacted me and tried to share with her daughter his passion which, as well as mine, is literature. A: Were you married? B: I married the American “colorist” Charles Walter Stetson and gave birth to Katharine, my daughter. After that I went through a post-partum depression in which I suffered a lot. A: Are you still married? B: No, no. I divorced (strange at that time, though legal) in 1888 and moved with my daughter to Pasadena. A: Pasadena... Interesting. What did you do there?
  2. 2. B: I became an active member of several feminist organizations and wrote and edited “The Bulletin” which was put out on each of the latter’s. A: What happened with your previous husband? B: Well... he married again, to a close friend of mine. I was happy for them though. She was a good person. I sent Katharine with the couple to the East in 1894. I thought that she had the right to know and love her father. Something I wasn’t given the opportunity to. A: You were diagnosed breast cancer in 1932, right? B: Yes, in fact, incurable breast cancer. In 1935 I simply decided I did not want to suffer or feel pain. I chose chloroform over cancer and committed suicide by taking an overdose of it. I died quickly and quietly. A: Thank you for your time Ma’am. B: Thank you!