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All My Sons -Act 3


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This is the analysis of the third part of the play "All My Sons".

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All My Sons -Act 3

  1. 1. “All My Sons” -Act 3
  2. 2. • Prosperity/Capitalism/US Boom/American Dream • Father-son relation x2 • Family/ies relationship/s • Death • Dishonesty vs. Honesty • Hope vs. Reality • War • Consequences of war • Romanticism • Forgiveness/Acceptance • Negation/Denial • Post war crisis • Death • Treason/Betrayal • Prison Themes
  3. 3. Chris Guilty feelings. He came back, Larry didn’t. Will marry Ann. Betray his brother. Jim “already knew” He isn’t happy with his well-paid job. Money capitalism Joe shocked at Chris’ reaction Dead inside He can’t lie, not his nature Guilty His father is an imbecile He came back from war Fell for his brother’s fiancée Trouble yell “There is something bigger than family for him” Honesty To everybody MONEY
  4. 4. - War can change a person. - “If Larry was alive...” Comparing both sons - The engine did not fail - “I am not human anymore” -We all know he was bad but not from his father Man vs. Father Chris believes he needs to be perfect Makes mistakes, human. Man vs. Man
  5. 5. One of his sons commited suicide because he couldn’t handle the guilt. Another is a living dead, because of guilt. They feel the guilt that the father does not feel - Larry considered his family, his sons - Prison or kill yourself Family illusions shattered Reality destroyed the falsehood of the family Everything was an illusion until Ann came and brought reality