Using Social Media Monitoring for Ocasion Marketing


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Occasion Marketing is big. Monitoring Social Media for conversations can unveil valuable information and insights that can be used to fuel Marketing Campaigns.
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Using Social Media Monitoring for Ocasion Marketing

  1. 1. online researchonline research to skyrocket your digital campaigns Use
  2. 2. Every day, somewhere in the world, occasions are celebrated. Flickr: Javier Ignacio Acuña Ditzel
  3. 3. They can be mainstream and global, like Christmas.
  4. 4. And niche and localised, like Australia Day. Flickr: udeyismail
  5. 5. How? Brands can use these occasions to skyrocket their marketing activities.
  6. 6. Occasions Monitoring Occasions Monitoring Introducing
  7. 7. Occasions Monitoring Occasions Monitoring is research conducted to ‘listen’ to social media conversations. Flickr: Craig Cloutier
  8. 8. It also analyses online trends around the chosen occasion, like Easter.
  9. 9. By analysing the previous year, say 2013, you can predict certain behaviours to take place this year. Flickr: Jlhopgood
  10. 10. Marketers, brand managers, media planners and buyers will all love these findings. Who should use these findings?
  11. 11. That’s because the benefits include:
  12. 12. plan your digital campaign based on real data No more guesswork1.
  13. 13. Save your budget2. know when and how long to run your campaign
  14. 14. Grow revenue3. improve your campaign’s effectiveness and detect new audiences
  15. 15. What does research cover? Occasions MonitoringOccasions Monitoring
  16. 16. When people start and stop talking about the occasion. 1. starts here ends here
  17. 17. What people are talking about. 2.
  18. 18. Who makes up the most active audience. 3.
  19. 19. # @ # @ # @ The most used hashtags, usernames and shared short links. 4.
  20. 20. The occasion’s online influencers and potential brand ambassadors. 5.
  21. 21. Best practice marketing from other brands. 6.
  22. 22. Want to know more?
  23. 23. Download our Occasions Monitoring Easter 2013 and 2014 Report for Retail here.
  24. 24. Download our Occasions Monitoring Easter 2013 and 2014 Report for FMCG here.
  25. 25. And download our Occasions Monitoring Fact Sheet here.
  26. 26.