Chinese New Year Bourdages Photography


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Chinese New Year San Francisco

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Chinese New Year Bourdages Photography

  1. 1. Photography ( Search Information ( Pricing ( Blog ( Contact ( Chinese New Year — February 15, 2014 Chi​nese New Year– San Fran​cisco, Ca ( Fran​cisco is home to a large cul​tural mecca, and in par​tic​u​lar for a Chi​nese pop​u​la​tion. The Chi​nese set​tled in the area because the hills and moun​tain​ous ter​rain reminded them so much of their home​land. Cer​tain cus​toms, such as the new year, have also been care​fully kept and fol​lowed for many decades.
  2. 2. The Chi​nese New Year is one of the most impor​tant events in the year. Steeped in rich his​tory, twinged with myth and enjoyed by many, the Chi​nese New Year marks a 15 day long fes​ti​val and this year runs from the last day of the last month in the cal​en​dar to the th 15 day of the new year. It is this fes​ti​val I had the oppor​tu​nity to pho​to​graph in the streets of San Fran​cisco. The parade and fes​ti​val is the largest of its kind out​side of Asia, and each year the parade is filled with color, sound and enter​tain​ment that rivals even the best parades any​where in the U.S. Of course, sev​eral of the tra​di​tional Chi​nese ele​ments are banned because of haz​ards, so there are few if any fire​works within the city. Instead, they make up for the lack of fire​works with huge float dis​plays, fan​tas​tic makeup and the like that is appeal​ing to the eye.
  3. 3. ( One of the most fun and attrac​tive ele​ments of the parade are the great drag​ons that fill the streets. These drag​ons, men who chore​o​graph move​ments to mimic the fine, snake​like move​ments asso​ci​ated with Chi​nese drag​ons, twist and wind their way through the streets. Each dragon face is unique and painted with the most vibrant col​ors to match the New Year. Over​all, an incred​i​ble expe​ri​ence for a hum​ble pho​to​bug like me from Roseville, Cal​i​for​nia, and it was an honor to work on behalf of those who asked me to come, I hope to return next year. Share on Facebook ( New Year) Share on Twitter ( New Year) ← Anniversary Next Move ( Special Event: Meet and Greet Brandi Glanville → ( Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website
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