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Selling your condo


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Selling your condo

  1. 1. Selling YourCondo
  2. 2. Are you attempting to sell a condo? If so, you shouldknow that selling a condo is not the same as selling ahome, and there are many different things that anycondo owner should automatically mention in order tomake a sale.
  3. 3. Most buyers looking to purchase a condominium will wantto know all the details that are included in the sale.While this may seem obvious, you will need to tell apotential buyer all about the cooperative in which youlive along with any pertinent home information. To start,make a list of all the different amenities that yoursouthwest condos complex has to offer.
  4. 4. Next, realize that most people seeking a condo arereally looking for some great selling points. Chances are,you do not have a lot of green space, so you will have toplay up other aspects of your home. For example, if youhappen to be located next to a subway, you will want tomention how easy it is to commute from your currentlocation. In fact, selling a condo is often all about theway in which you word your advertisement from thestart.
  5. 5. When you begin to write your condo advertisement, usephrases such as "minutes from downtown;" "right on thegolf course," or "forget about commuting every day." Itjust so happens that most people who wind uppurchasing condominiums really never intended to do so.However, if the price is right and the amenities areappealing, home buyers often find themselves seriouslyconsidering a condo versus a residential lot.
  6. 6. Also, when it comes to placing your condoadvertisement, do not neglect the senior citizenpopulation. More and more senior citizens are seeking tobuy condominiums since they are not ready to move intoretirement homes. Condos often offer seniors a chanceto remain independent, while having the opportunity todownsize. Make sure you place advertisements in seniorpapers, around senior homes, and in any aging area.
  7. 7. Remember that a condominium is not the same as a largehome, so you will have to enhance your condos positiveselling qualities before placing it on the market. If youhappen to have a pool and a workout room included inyour condo fees (make sure to mention those fees too!),do not forget to add those extra things to youradvertisement. Condos generally sell more often thanlarger homes do, but selling a condo may require a bit ofextra work.