Biology (1)


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conservation of biodoversity

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Biology (1)

  1. 1.  To study about biodiversity and conservation of wildlife.  To know about the meaning of flora and fauna.  To know the causes of extinction of wildlife  To study endangered , vulnerable , rare and threatened species of plants and animals.  To know the importance of national parks, sanctuaries and biosphere reserves in wildlife management.  To study migration of animals.  To study about Red Data Book and its importance.  To study about endemic species of India.
  2. 2. The maintenance and upkeep of forest is called Forest Conservation .
  3. 3. Flora is the plant life occurring in a particular region or time , generally the naturally occurring or indigenous – native plant life .
  4. 4. Fauna is all of the animals life of any particular region or time . Flora , fauna and other forms of life such as fungi are collectively referred to as biota .
  5. 5.  Cryofauna  Cryptofauna  Infauna  Epifauna  Macrofauna  Megafauna  Meiofauna  Mesofauna  Microfauna
  6. 6. Several species have become extinct due to their hunting by man for food , pleasure and animal products . The examples are disappearance of the bird dodo in Mauritius and the cheetah in India .
  7. 7. Man has destroyed the natural habitats of wildlife for his settlements , cropping , plantation , mining and raising of dams , overgrazing by domestic animals , etc . Deforestation and environmental pollution has disturbed the migratory routes of many birds .
  8. 8. Several animals and plants are valuable sources of food and other materials . Fish , prawns and crabs constitute an important part of human food . Man has , however , over – exploited these resources . Overfishing in sea is causing a grave situation and the picture is not encouraging with respect to fresh water fishing . The rate of consump – tion of fish is greater than its repleni – shment .
  9. 9. The failure of enforcement of the existing laws of wildlife manage – ment is yet another reason for the rapid depletion of wildlife .
  10. 10. Man is mainly responsible for depletion and extinction of wildlife on the earth . This is largely due to ignorance of the common man regarding the value of wildlife and the probable consequences of the disappearance of wildlife to man himself .