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CTC board training 2014.01.18


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Training for new Board Members for Central Texas Walk to Emmaus

Published in: Spiritual
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CTC board training 2014.01.18

  1. 1. Central Texas Conference Walk to Emmaus Board Training
  2. 2. Where do I find out what to do? Dropbox is where BR’s can access all the documents that needed as a CTC Board Rep. You also have your Board Rep Notebook.
  3. 3. Dropbox Instructions  Send me an email and I will “share” access to the CTC Emmaus folder with all documents available.
  4. 4. Dropbox Invitation CTC Emmaus wants to share "CTC Emmaus" with you From: Dropbox ( Sent: Sat 10/27/12 8:38 AM To: Hi Lisa, I've invited you to a Dropbox shared folder called "CTC Emmaus". View "CTC Emmaus". -Ctc
  5. 5. Dropbox Instructions Bookmark that link. You should then be able to access the CTC folder after joining Dropbox for free. When a document is updated, send me a copy and I will upload it to the folder.
  6. 6. Dropbox – CTC Emmaus This is What the CTC Emmaus Dropbox looks like
  7. 7. Things Found in Dropbox  Applications  Images  Board Member  Lay Directors Notebook  LD Notebook  Board Minutes  Music Slides  BW Region  Name Tag  FW Region  Resources
  8. 8. Things Found in Dropbox  Temple Region  Training  Walk Schedules  Walk Board Reports  Website  WW Region Dropbox is where you can access all the documents that you will need as a CTC Board Rep. You also have your Board Rep Notebook.
  9. 9. BR Key Responsibilities  Attend Board Meetings – 3rd Saturday of odd numbered months  Participate in at least one Standing Committee  Be active in local 4th Day Group gatherings and present information from the Board  Serve as Walk BR and/or CABM as needed
  10. 10. BR Notebook  CTC Vision Statements  CTC Board of Directors and Committees
  11. 11. Committee List  Working on a committee(s) is required  Administration  Resource  Community Development  Site Selection  Regional Chair  Annual Gathering  Training
  12. 12. Committees  Administrative  Board LD, Board SD, Board Secretary, Board Treasurer  Community Development  Recruit community support for Walk  Create 4th Day Community list and mailing list to distribute information
  13. 13. Committees  Resource  Obtain Upper Room materials and distribute them  Prepare materials for Board Resource Tubs for Walks  Obtain supplies for name tag preparation  Training  Oversee training for LD’s and BR’s
  14. 14. Committees  Site Selection  Select appropriate sites for Walks  Make contracts with sites for Walks in the next calendar year  Deals with problems with sites  Conference Gathering  Plan and conduct periodic Conference Gathering
  15. 15. Committes Regional Representative  Educate 4th Day Groups in your region  Liaison for information from the Board  Nominate potential Lay Directors  Inform Lay Directors of their selection
  16. 16. Potential LD’s Should  Should have served: on Servant Team, Table Leader/ATL, given a talk, served as ALD.  Have a servant attitude  May serve only once  Nominated and approved before January, so that Walk assignments may be made.
  17. 17. BR Notebook  Schedules for current and next year  Fourth Day Groups – will receive updated version later  Upper Room Emmaus Covenant  By-Laws
  18. 18. By-Laws – Article II.  Affiliated with:  International Walk to Emmaus Movement of the Upper Room  Central Texas Conference United Methodist Church
  19. 19. By-Laws – Article II. Found in Dropbox
  20. 20. By-Laws – Article IV  Membership  Completed: Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, Vias de Cristo, Tres Dias, Kairos, Chrysalis or equivalent weekend  Active participation in 4th Day events
  21. 21. By-Laws – Article V.  Board of Directors  18 lay – nominated and elected  2 men and 2 women from each region  2 at large positions  Terms 3 years – rotate terms  Vacancies appointed by Board Lay Director  6 clergy – nominated by Board Spiritual Director and approved by Board
  22. 22. By-Laws – Article V. Trainer appointed each year by Board and is voting member.  Non-voting members:  Kairos  Registrar  Team Database Manager  Web Servant
  23. 23. By-Laws – Article V.  Each year elected for 3 year term  6 Lay  2 Clergy  Class of ???? – the year you roll off the Board
  24. 24. By-Laws – Article V.  Members of Administrative Committee are elected by the Board  Board Lay Director  Board Assistant Lay Director  Board Secretary  Board Treasurer
  25. 25. By-Laws – Article V.  Board LD appointed Regional Chairs  Past Board LD and SD may be ex- officio members of the Board
  26. 26. By-Laws – Article V.  Board members may be removed by Board vote for:  Missing 2 consecutive meetings  Not fulfilling responsibilities  Not completing training  Failing to support the Upper Room letter of agreement
  27. 27. By-Laws – Article VII.  Meetings are 3rd Saturday of odd months  January  March  May  July  September  November
  28. 28. By-Laws – Article VII.  Working on a committee(s) is required  Administration  Resource  Community Development  Site Selection  Regional Chair  Annual Gathering  Training
  29. 29. By-Laws – Article X.  Must follow the Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus as primary instructions  Upper Room delegates authority to CTC Emmaus Board  CTC Board delegates authority to the Walk Lay Director and Board Representative  Board Spiritual Director delegates authority to Walk Spiritual Director
  30. 30. By-Laws – Article X.  Regional Chair and Walk Leadership Team delegate authority to the Team members WE MUST HONOR THE UPPER ROOM MODEL
  31. 31. Team Application Found in Dropbox
  32. 32. Team Selection Worksheet Found in Dropbox
  33. 33. Found in Dropbox
  34. 34. CABM Guidelines Found in Dropbox
  35. 35. th Sponsoring 4 Day Group Guidelines Be sure to send to the LD of any Sponsoring 4th Day Group from your area
  36. 36. CABM To Do’s • Liaison between Sponsoring 4th Day group and LD – make sure they have Sponsoring 4th Day Group Guidelines • 1 month out – recontact – make sure Sponsor’s Worship is covered • Arrive early • Find out about scholarship needs • Make sure everything and everyone is in place
  37. 37. CABM To Do’s  Use script to make announcements. Only from Emmaus and Chrysalis.  Collect and account for Candlelight offering  Provide envelope and 4 copies of Candlelight offering report  Fill out all 4 – get a second signature  Copies go to: Board Treasurer, Walk BR, second signee, and yourself
  38. 38. CABM To Do’s  Convert all cash to Money Order, Cashier’s Check or personal check made payable to CTC Emmaus. Mail to Board Treasurer.  Keep record of all checks sent to Board Treasurer.  Documents in Dropbox CTC BR notebook folder
  39. 39. Sponsor’s Worship Offering Report Found in Dropbox
  40. 40. Candlelight Offering Report Found in Dropbox
  41. 41. Summary of Walk Responsibilities Primary responsibility to ensure that the Upper Room Emmaus model is honored.
  42. 42. Summary of Walk Responsibilities Know And honor The model!
  43. 43. Index for the Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus Found in Dropbox
  44. 44. Summary of Walk Responsibilities Found in Dropbox
  45. 45. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Prior to Team Selection  Call LD and provide contact information  Establish a warm, personal and trusting relationship with the Walk LD  Coordinate with Regional Chair, LD and SD for Team Selection date, time and place  Obtain copy of Team Selection Roster from Regional Chair and preview prior to Team Selection
  46. 46. Summary of Walk Responsibilities • Prior to Team Selection • Review Walk schedule with LD and SD. • Remind LD and SD: • Use new Director’s Manual (2003 copyright) • No mixing of Pilgrims and Community at Closing until after communion • Only clergy read the liturgy during communion • Begin Walk Report Outline to make notes
  47. 47. Team Selection  Read Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus pages 21-31  Prayer  Team Selection meeting attended by: Regional Board Chair, Walk LD, Walk SD, and Walk BR.  Use Team Selection worksheet and Team Database
  48. 48. Team Selection  Not considered unless in the Team Database  Look for:  Attended Walk to Emmaus or similar event  Active in local church  Active in Reunion Group  Active in 4th Day activities  Haven’t served within calendar year or two  Able to attend Team Meetings
  49. 49. Team Selection  Remember:  Head Servant needs to be very logistical  # of people per church = # of tables  1/3 rule of experience  1/3 new  1/3 moderate experience  1/3 experienced  Look for wide variety – denominations, ages, work places, etc.
  50. 50. Team Selection  ALD’s and Head Servant suggested by Regional Chair.  Keep progressive servanthood in mind  LD send complete Team Roster to Regional Chair as soon as completed  LD send complete Team Roster to Database Manager on conclusion of Walk
  51. 51. Team Selection Worksheet Found in Dropbox
  52. 52. Found in Dropbox
  53. 53. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Prior to 1st Team Meeting  Check about Sponsoring 4th Day Group, inform LD and encourage contact  Contact 4th Day Group LD  Ask LD to keep informed of “current” Team Members  Get Team Manuals  Get Music in format requested to Music Leader and provide copy of CCLI & discuss
  54. 54. BR Notebook Folder: CCLI Report Found in Dropbox
  55. 55. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Prior to 1st Team Meeting  Obtain blank name tags  Encourage both LD and CABM to contact Sponsoring 4th Day Group and that Sponsor’s Worship, Candlelight and Closing arrangements contacted  Arrange for trailer movement, if necessary
  56. 56. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Team Meeting Phase  Make sure a BR is present at all Team Meetings  Keep a current accurate Team list  Provide copies of Medical Release and have all Team Members fill out and return  Give Walk Overview.  Make presentation of Board information at each Team Meeting
  57. 57. Walk Overview Found in Dropbox
  58. 58. Walk Overview Found in Dropbox
  59. 59. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Team Meeting Phase  Remind speaker who want to use technology with Talk that they must use technology during preview and have a Plan B, if technology fails  Team offering taken at all meetings  Collect Team Registration Fees.  Remind Team to pay prior to Walk  Have ALD recount monies and co-sign Walk Treasurer’s Report
  60. 60. Walk Treasurer’s Report
  61. 61. Name Tag Funds Report Found in Dropbox
  62. 62. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Team Meeting Phase  Copy all checks before mailing to Board Treasurer and send by Certified Mail  Complete separate Treasurer Report and send to Board Treasurer  Submit Name Tag Funds Report, if needed  Retrieve all Team Manuals  Make sure you have Wal-Mart Tax Exempt card
  63. 63. Trailer Procedures Found in Dropbox
  64. 64. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Walk Week  Make sure trailer is moved  Obtain Balance List from Board Treasurer  Have 4 copies of each:  Tax Exempt form  Treasurer’s Report  Sponsor’s Worship Offering Report (plus large clasp envelope to materials into)  Candlelight Offering Report  Name Tag Fund Report form
  65. 65. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Walk Week  Contact CABM to make sure all arrangements have been made for Sponsor’s Worship, Candlelight, Agape Feast, and Closing  Pack suitable clothes to give a talk.
  66. 66. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Thursday  Trailer should arrive prior to noon  Check Board Representative Tub immediately  Check 2 Temperature Sensitive Tub for DVD, digital projector, radios and candles – kept in GL Office  Get funds to Town Servant and remind them to keep receipts
  67. 67. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Thursday  Board Resource Tub to Head Servant  Provide large manila clasp envelope with 2 copies of Sponsor’s Worship Offering Report to Head Servant and ask to retrieve afterwards  Collect last fees from Team Members
  68. 68. Resource Tub Found in Dropbox
  69. 69. Sponsor’s Worship Offering Report Found in Dropbox
  70. 70. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Thursday  Ready for Pilgrim registration by 5:45. Coordinate with LD about registration procedures  Collect Pilgrim Walk Fees – record amount and type of payment. Keep to turn in to Board Treasurer.
  71. 71. Medical Authorization Found in Dropbox
  72. 72. Walk Payment Authorization Central Texas Conference Walk to Emmaus Walk Payment Authorization Found in Dropbox Event: ___________________________ Location; ________________________ Dates: ___________________________ Attendance:______/_____ Pilgrim/Team List the head count Thursday night after all have arrived. This is the number that will be used to prepare the 8 meals contracted and bill for sleeping space. Additional meals need during Walk (Walk in Clergy) Friday Saturday Sunday Breakfast ______ _________ _________ Lunch ______ _________ _________
  73. 73. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Friday  Be available to LD  Be a model at St. Elsewhere – maintain quiet, pay attention to Talks and Pilgrims, be on time  Make sure no judging, grading, or demeaning scores or comments during presentations
  74. 74. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Saturday  Be available to LD  Be a model at St. Elsewhere – maintain quiet, pay attention to Talks and Pilgrims, be on time  Coordinate with Head Servant to get offering report from Candlelight gets to you
  75. 75. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Sunday  Be available to LD  Be a model at St. Elsewhere – maintain quiet, pay attention to Talks and Pilgrims, be on time  If “Special Awakening” done – only Conference Room Team participate and no one enters Pilgrim sleeping areas
  76. 76. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Sunday  Meet with Town Servant and go over receipts and account for all funds  Have one of ALD’s count all money and sign a copy of report  Remind LD and SD  No mixing of Pilgrims and community prior to communion  Only SD read liturgy during communion
  77. 77. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Sunday  Insure trailer/closet is packed.  Insure trailer returned to GLC – do not leave until the trailer leaves  Retrieve music from Music Leader  Careful of how radios and headsets are stored  Temperature Sensitive Tubs DO NOT go on the trailer.
  78. 78. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Post Walk  Insure trailer returned to GLC or coordinate with next BR  Return Music Transparency Books or make sure that digital music copies are deleted and Team Manuals to Board closet at GLC  Submit final Walk Treasurer’s Report to the Board Treasurer. Include the marked Balance List.
  79. 79. Walk Treasurer’s Report
  80. 80. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Post Walk  Submit any final Name Tag Fund Report to Board Treasurer.  Submit Pilgrim and Team list to Treasurer and indicate those who attended and completed the Walk, as well as a final head count.  Submit Walk Report to Team Secretary within 2 weeks of Walk.
  81. 81. Walk Report Outline Found in Dropbox
  82. 82. Summary of Walk Responsibilities  Post Walk  Send any Medical Release form for whom information was release during Walk.  Destroy all other Medical Release.
  83. 83. Accounting Procedures Explains what to turn into who when and has forms to use
  84. 84. On-Site Servant Team Guidelines Cover this in LD Training
  85. 85. Budget Place for minutes and budget reports given at Board Meetings
  86. 86. Board Member Training Already covered key responsibilities: • Board meetings, committee service, attending local 4th Day gatherings • Serving as CABM when needed Now, let’s talk about BR on a Walk
  87. 87. Regional Board Procedures Found in Dropbox CTC BR notebook folder
  88. 88. Procedures Manual 1. Honorarium for use of church for Board Meeting. 2. Only one family member at a time on the Board. 3. Board members may only serve on teams as BR – except for the Leadership Trainer.
  89. 89. Procedures Manual 4. Work only one Walk a year. 5. Board LD may serve as Walk BR. 6. Board LD appoints Walk BR’s. 7. Walk LD becomes unable to serve, Walk BR assumes those duties 8. Must attend Foundations and Logistics training.
  90. 90. Procedures Manual 9. BR liaison between the Walk LD and Board. 10. Submit CCLI report prepared by Music Director 11. Walk LD signs covenant with Board to follow Emmaus model 12. Walk LD must attend Foundations and Logistics training.
  91. 91. Procedures Manual 13. Walk LD given $600 for expenses 14. Board SD appoints Walk SD who appoint Walk ASD’s. 15. Walk LD responsible for Prayer Vigil. 16. Walk LD should delegate authority to Walk ALD’s for various duties.
  92. 92. Procedures Manual 17. BR must be present for all Team Meetings. 18. Clergy must be present for all Team Meetings. 19. Walk LD and SD must provide for spiritual formation at each Team Meeting. 20. Communion and offering must be included for all Team Meetings.
  93. 93. Procedures Manual 21. All music to be used on Walk must be previewed at Team Meetings. 22. Walk Overview presented during Team Meetings. 23. Provide time for sharing activities during Team Meetings. 24. Job Training presented at each Team Meeting.
  94. 94. Procedures Manual 25.Music Director prepared CCLI report. 26.Music Director may use transparencies, songbooks, or a digital presentation for the Walk. 27.All music transparencies, songbooks or digital presentations must be returned to the BR. 28.Photographs on the Walk: Servant Team, Conference Room, and Tables.
  95. 95. Procedures Manual 29. No recordings. 30. Written prayer requests kept confidential. 31. All talks previewed. • Priority – ALD • Means of Grace - SD • Perseverance – LD • Fourth Day – ALD • Given only by Conference Room Team.
  96. 96. Procedures Manual 32. Technology used in a talk must be previewed and have a back-up plan. 33. Recommend that Table Leaders or Assistant Table Leaders are housed with Pilgrims. 34. BR collects all Medical Release forms for the weekend and destroys them after that.
  97. 97. Procedures Manual 35. Medical emergency: • BR follows emergency procedures of the facility. • Notify Walk ALD, LD, and Head Servant • BR notify emergency contact, if requested. • Keep the flow of the weekend undisturbed for Pilgrims, as much as possible.
  98. 98. Procedures Manual 36. Candlelight worship begins at 8 Pilgrims arrive at 9:30 37. Only Emmaus and Chrysalis announcements 38. When we use a church for Candlelight, honorarium of $100 39. Town servant can request reimbursement for mileage at current IRS rate 40. Keep Agape Feast simple.
  99. 99. Procedures Manual 41. Sunday morning wake-up done only by Conference Room Team. 42. Delete 43. Closing begins at 4:30 44. Pilgrims have opportunity to share at Closing. 45. Walk cross given to Walk LD
  100. 100. Procedures Manual 46. No individual recognition on Walk. 47. Pilgrims present thru Candlelight shall be considered to completed the Walk. Instructions for letters. 48. Letters for Pilgrims not completing Walk are given to Sponsors. 49. Minimum pilgrims for Walk is 20. Cancellation date is 2 weeks out.
  101. 101. Procedures Manual 50. Works out numbers of Pilgrims to Tables. 51. No extra activities or services added. 52. Work to make the Walk handicap friendly. 53. CABM basic instructions.
  102. 102. Handbook on Emmaus From Upper Room READ IT!! Know it! Follow the model!!
  103. 103. Director’s Manual From Upper Room READ IT!! Know it! Follow the model!!
  104. 104. Talk Outlines Don’t give your only copy away! Both SD and Lay
  105. 105. Foundations
  106. 106. Policies and Procedures
  107. 107. Logistics
  108. 108. On-Site Servant and Prayer Guidelines
  109. 109. Found in Dropbox CTC BR notebook folder
  110. 110. Found in Dropbox CTC BR notebook folder