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UST Portfolio Presentation


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This is my cumulative portfolio presentation for my Ed.S. degree from the University of St. Thomas.

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UST Portfolio Presentation

  1. 1. Lisa SjogrenK-12 Principal Licensure PresentationAugust 8, 2012 photo courtesy of Robin Hanson
  2. 2. Welcome To My Journey Résumé photo courtesy of Robin Hanson
  3. 3. Licensure Requirements Pre PostAssessment Narrative Assessment Verification TeachingLog of Hours Letter Experience
  4. 4. Leadership Philosophy• Chief Learner for learners, teachers, and the organization.• Compassion and Hospitality, first• What do I want for learners.• Philosophy
  5. 5. Moral Responsibility• Responsible for understanding the local, state, and federal laws.• Collaboration to ensure understanding.• Integrity in one’s actions• Developing trust.
  6. 6. D. Policy and Law
  7. 7. E. Political Influence and Governance
  8. 8. K. Values and Ethics of Leadership
  9. 9. Critical Thinking• Keeping abreast of current trends.• Develop rich curriculum to guide student learning.• Create staff development that guide curriculum review.• Disseminate and use data.
  10. 10. H. Curriculum Planning and Development
  11. 11. I. Instructional Management!i=1843325554&k=PD278pG&lb=1&s=A
  12. 12. PS-A. Instructional Leadership
  13. 13. PS-C. K-12 Leadership content/uploads/2012/06/storycards-box-3.jpg
  14. 14. Wise Action• Understand the importance of, capitalize on, and create strong community relationships.• Be visible in the school and community.• Forge partnerships with the local public.• Be reflective on decisions.
  15. 15. A. Leadership
  16. 16. G. Community Relations
  17. 17. L. Judgment and Problem Analysis
  18. 18. Skillful Work• Exceptional organizational skills.• Determine communication strategies.• Hire and retain quality employees.• Provide ample time for collaboration in the schedule.
  19. 19. B. Organizational Management
  20. 20. F. Communication
  21. 21. J. Human Resource Management
  22. 22. PS-B. Monitoring Student Learning
  23. 23. Advancing the Common Good • Students are exposed to more, which ultimately contribute to the quality of education. • Importance of setting a climate by being visible to students, staff, and parents/guardians. • Awareness of emergency planning.
  24. 24. C. Diversity Magic/MagicContentWizard/cache/health_and_fitness_1748493.jpg
  25. 25. M. Safety and Security research-image.jpg
  26. 26. Analysis• Leadership is about: • Coaching and developing people • Generating enthusiasm • “Us” not “I”• Leadership is not about being the boss.
  27. 27. Lasting Impressions• Having a growth mindset is necessary• Respect others and use common sense• Hold true to your morals• Having fun is good for the soul photo courtesy of Robin Hanson
  28. 28. Lisa Sjogren 651-214-4499