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AUDIENCE - Things Brands Should Consider Before Going Programmatic

  1. For info about the proprietary technology used in comScore products, refer to info about the proprietary technology used in comScore products, refer to Few Things Brands Should Consider Before Going Programmatic Combating ad fraud, viewability and other issues so your ads have the best chance to make an impact Jacques Tchenio, VP France
  2. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 2 Holistic measurement on all platforms Audience Planning & Analytics Activation Solutions Advertising Solutions
  3. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 3 Loss of clarity of advertising environment over time HIGH WASTAGE LOW WASTAGE DIRECT CONTROL OVER AD PLACEMENTS LESS CONTROL OVER AD PLACEMENTS NOW THEN
  4. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 4 Verification helps you know where every ad impression is actually delivered
  5. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. At its heart is the ‘Verified Impression’ Why comScore Advertising is Unique? REDUCE WASTAGE PROVIDE TRANSPARENCY OF DELIVERY TELL YOU WHAT WORKED ViewabilityBrand safetyAudience reach Conversion £ Fraud detection
  6. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 6 Could it have been seen by human eyes in a brand-safe environment? So what is a Verified Impression?
  7. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 7 Detecting Invalid Traffic
  8. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 8 IAB cites that of online traffic is invalid 36%
  10. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 10 Catching sophisticated fraud requires multi-faceted tech Click Farms Bots Data Center Traffic IVT Content scrapers Spiders Ad stacking Domain Laundering Browser Hijacks Cloud services Adware traffic
  11. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 11 Discrepancies between vendors
  12. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 12 Viewability Discrepancies: What causes them? Vendors methodology? What is actually being measured? • Sophisticated IVT detection and removal before calculating? • Multiple windows open? • Out of viewport? • Impression stacking, etc.
  13. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 13 Why IVT Matters in Viewability Measurement If an ad is served to a bot, should it be counted as viewable? Vendors should extrapolate sophisticated IVT before they calculate viewability rates. Failure to do so will result in active optimisation to IVT.
  14. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 14 COMPARE reported viewability: How IVT contaminates your viewability
  15. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 15 The 74% viewability seems appealing, right? But it is an illusion.
  16. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 16 The Importance of Viewability Sales Lift Increases with Improved Viewability – and the Effects Do Not Appear to be Linear. 100 118 141 168 At least 50% At least 55% At least 65% At least 70% IMPACT OF VIEWABILITY ON INDEX OF CAMPAIGN SALES LIFT
  17. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 17 A note on brand safety
  18. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Brand safety: what is harmful varies from client to client BOTS, ILLEGAL CONTENT, IP FRAUD ETC. RACE HATE PORNOGRAPHY NUDITY POLITICS SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS EVENTS 18+
  19. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Brand safety: what is harmful varies from client to client BOTS, ILLEGAL CONTENT, IP FRAUD ETC. RACE HATE PORNOGRAPHY NUDITY POLITICS SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS EVENTS 18+
  20. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 20 Paving the path to achieve ‘Verified Inventory’ The role of pre and post bid verification explained DELIVERED IMPRESSIONS GENUINELY VERIFIED INVENTORY PRE BID FILTERS • Known Fraud prevention • Average viewability rates • Page context • Key word capabilities • Brand Safety • Page Quality DELIVERY VERIFICATION • Advanced Invalid Traffic Detection • Real time blocking • Actual view rates by impression • Audience reached
  21. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 21 Key Takeaways  The Verified Impression – the inventory that is doing the work  No point in paying lip service – it can compound the problem  Know your vendors’ capabilities  Fully understand your inventory to maximise rates  Creating a ‘level playing field’ of data is key
  22. For info about the proprietary technology used in comScore products, refer to Thank you Jacques Tchenio, VP France For info about the proprietary technology used in comScore products, refer to

Editor's Notes

  1. Then: Site specific buys When you were buying indicative audience to reach your target you were actually targeting content, not people therefore there was a high amount of wastage In short: There was clarity on where advertising ran and high amount of wastage vs. Now Audience & behavioral targeting ads can appear anywhere – lack of control and trust Very little wastage Key Points: Next slide
  2. Key Points: They are all useful in isolation, but they only become a solution - in particular in regards to content quality or the verified impression - when they are combined. What is exactly conversion: Millward brown, uplift, etc. we are looking at the true value of a verified impression and therefore conversion is a key component
  3. The question “So what is a Verified Impression?” can be summarized by a simple sentence  If you can’t say yes to every part of this sentence (reading out one line at a time) it should not be qualified as a Verified impression.
  4. Explanation: This number is statistics made by IAB for the industry as a whole. Key Points: IAB have stated that about 36% of online traffic is invalid – a definite cause for concern, as this traffic can interfere with your numbers, meaning even your in-view or in-target numbers may be off when there is IVT present.
  5. Explain figure from left to right. Everything in blue is what the user sees = nothing. They can get effected without knowing it by ex downloading a game. Everything in red, is what the fraudsters are doing. The user don’t see any of this. Key Points: The reason for showing this: to illustrate the fact, that when you hear about bot-traffic in particular, it’s a whole economy of inventory disappearing that cannot by design be seen by human eyes.
  6. Explanation: People are familiar with lots of different types/terms of Fraud. Key Points: Any sophisticated IVT detecting software should be able to work with, isolate, and identify any of those bots out there!
  7. Key Points: Answer to question: Obviously not. Without the sophisticated IVT detection before viewability scores are calculated, you can end up optimizing towards bots. Particular important when it comes to viewability: people always want the highest possible rate of viewability  if the vendor of choice is not extrapolating out the IVT – it’s a problem  will result in active optimization to IVT
  8. Consider the example below of two viewability measurement providers, one of which applies robust NHT filters (Measurement Provider A) and one of which does not (Measurement Provider B). With clean, unduplicated measurement, you know that only 57% of ads had the opportunity to be seen. However, viewability differs and NHT is accounted for at varying levels, even among accredited vendors. Some vendors only remove a little NHT, and others may not remove NHT at all. If the vendor does not provide clean, unduplicated viewability and NHT measurement, the data is going to be infected and the results will be wrong.
  9. Key Points: The reported viewability rate on 74% is a lot more attractive to the market - but its misleading, it is an illusion. 3,000,000 of those impressions could be bots.
  10. Explanation of the illustration: From the right hand side and towards the left side you see a sliding scale with brand safety implications. In the middle is legitimate traffic, but not necessary the best for a given advertiser. Key Points: Next slide
  11. Key Points: What is un-safe for one brand can be perfectly acceptable for another (example for live news feed: an airline advertising next to an airline crash). On the left side of the red dotted line the real harm in terms of brand safety is happening. Whether its race hate, bots, illegal content, IP fraud – NHT has to be identified in order to be able to protect brand safety, in particular in post-delivery to stop advertising appearing in those sites.
  12. Explanation: This is something there is a lot of confusion about in the market place. The difference between PRE BID FILTERS and then post-bit-protection (DELIVERY VERIFICATION). Pre bit filters: tool integrated to a DSP which allows you to choose filters regarding what you actually bit on. Explain the 6 factors. This is all things you can start using verification for, start to filter, to save money in terms of bidding on stuff you are able to block. Explain the DELIVERY VERIFICATION. The point: This is the factors that does the work in any given campaign. If an advertiser is spending 1 million, and all the attributions is looking at another one of 2 million, then only 50% of the work of the inventory is doing the work. Key Points: Identifying that verified inventory, and optimizing against that verified inventory, that might start of as a bit of a scary thought, but when you look at the numbers, it makes an incrementally difference when it comes to the campaign effectiveness