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Un bullshit-able


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Slides from a talk given by @LiamBoogar at TheFamily.

This talk is about the questions that Liam Boogar, Editor @RudeBaguette, uses in order to quickly and accurately separate entrepreneurs from want-preneurs.

Un bullshit-able

  1. 1. I’m Liam Boogar I write for the Rude Baguette
  2. 2. Today we’re gonna talk about... Un-Bullshit-able Questions
  3. 3. Vocabulary Un-Bullshit-able Question(noun.): A question for which it is impossible to respond using buzzword pitch-speak or generic jargon that can otherwise be used by Want-repreneurs.
  4. 4. Question #1 What have you done in the past six months?
  5. 5. Question #2 What makes you Defensible?
  6. 6. Question #3 What Problem Are you Solving?
  7. 7. Question #4 What’s your Secret Sauce?
  8. 8. Question #5 Where would you like to be in 12 Months?
  9. 9. Question #6 Who do you see as your biggest competitor?
  10. 10. What’s the Difference between VCs & Journalist? Bonus Question!
  11. 11. Don’t “Wow” me, make me wish I wasn’t a Journalist, but an Investor. @LiamBoogar Conclusion