Instant Startup: an experiment at TEDxUHasselt


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Presentation used as the foundation for the ground-breaking, first-time-ever experiment in instant, live, real-time startup creation.

Successful experiment, I must add :)


Many thanks to Wouter, Rutger and the gang for letting me run the experiment with utter disregard for the agenda - and to the outstanding Mentors (Ann-Pascale, Bart, Jo, Filip and Jeroen) who helped out!

And of course to all participants of TEDxUHasselt who played along with gusto!

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  • So, we’ll combine all the entrepreneurial potential in the room with the most effective method for creating new busniesses.
  • If the last two points sound daunting, don’t worry. We’ve thought about that, and we’ve invited several outstanding experts to help you. You will be able to find them during the lunch break, discuss your opporutnity, and help you
  • “15 years of experience in the startup scene as entrepreneur and investor”
  • Not like “my kitchen timer is broken, and I don’t know how to fix it”. More like “I really, really hate doing expense reports” or “the software we use at work is really, really awful”.
  • My name is Leo, I’m a marketing guy, and i have my own business
  • Instant Startup: an experiment at TEDxUHasselt

    1. 1. Instant Startup: an experiment Leo Exter founder @
    2. 2. You will have to start a business one day. 47% US jobs are “high risk” from computers and robots
    3. 3. I don’t have a good business idea.
    4. 4. I don’t have a co-founder, and I don’t know any entrepreneurs.
    5. 5. • The Problem & Solution Method • The Market-First Method • You Should Stop Trying to Read This Now, This Presentation Will Be Shared Online Later Method • The Personal Strengths Method • The Mix & Match Method • The Importation Method • The Lateral Thinking Method • Congratulations You Can Read Really Fast. Now Stop Method • The Godin Method (or The Edgecraft Method) • The Christensen Method (or The Disruptive Innovation Method) • Low-end disruptions • New-market disruptions • Remake it for the Web Method (thanks Jeroen Meens!) • The Borrowed Ideas Method • Buy Entrepreneur A Beer Method (Contact Me For Details) • Watch Lots of Obscure Science Documentaries Method • Talk to Someone in Healthcare Method (ask the guys at about it) Here’s a very good place to start
    6. 6. Photo: Anirudh Koul
    7. 7. 1. Problem / Solution method 2. Random co-founder
    8. 8. 1. Meet a random stranger 2. Discuss a professional problem and find a solution together 3. Evaluate business opportunity 4. Share it with us after lunch break
    9. 9. Ann-Pascale Bijnens
    10. 10. Jeroen Meens
    11. 11. Jo Martens
    12. 12. Bart Van Loon
    13. 13. Filip Coonen
    14. 14. Incentive: best presenter gets 1 month free coworking
    15. 15. Step 0: Think of a professional problem you face every day.
    16. 16. Step 1: Find a random stranger and introduce yourself •Your first name •Your professional background •Do you have a problem to solve?
    17. 17. Step 2: Decide whose problem you’ll solve, start talking about how you’d solve it. You have 5 minutes.
    18. 18. Step 3: Would you pay for that solution?
    19. 19. Step 3.1: Ouch. Do you see some potential? Come talk to Ann-Pascale, Jeroen, Bart, Filip or myself.
    20. 20. Step 4: We’ll see after the break…
    21. 21. Eet smakelijk! Leo Exter @leoexter