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Kilobyte Kates Graphic Design


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Published in: Career, Design, Business
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Kilobyte Kates Graphic Design

  1. 1. Business Plan Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design By: Katelyn M. Leirer March 14, 2009 Page 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents A. Introduction and Request for Funds B. Resume: Katelyn “Kate” Leirer C. Business Description of Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design D. Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design Marketing Plan 1. How I Will Find Qualified Employees 2. Competition 3. Market Growth E. Financial Projections 1. Introduction 2. Loan Security F. Business Risk Analysis 1. Competition 2. Slow Times 3. Owner's Ability G. Personal Goals Page 2
  3. 3. A. Introduction and Request for Funds This is a request for a loan of $60,000 to establish Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design as my sole proprietorship. Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design will specialize in providing people in the Bucks County with quality web sites and business document design services. I like what I do and feel that helping people get noticed with my web sites and design services will make their businesses more attractive and appealing to others who are looking for their product or service. The $60,000 loan, which I am hereby requesting, will enable me to open my own graphic design studio, make my own business decisions, and substantially increase my income. To do this, I will be competing with other web designers and document design businesses. Doing this locally for the people of Bucks County will eliminate the shipping and handling costs as- I will not have to pay for postage- they will be able to pick up the documents from my studio and I am able to go and meet with them as well. Page 3
  4. 4. B. Resume: Katelyn “Kate” Leirer RESUME OF KATELN “KATE" LEIRER Address: 2447 Ironwood Drive, Jamison, PA 18929; Telephone: 215-343-3735 Business Address: c/o Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design, 453 Second Street, Suite 210, Doylestown, PA; Telephone 215-205-4081 Education: Central Bucks High School East Johnson and Wales University Professional Experience: April 2010 to July 2012 Disney and Pixar Studios: At Disney and Pixar Studios I was only an intern but had a helping hand in creating animated films that were released between 2011 and 2012. I learned a lot from the many different animators, Visual Development Artist, and storyboard artists. June 2008 to 2010 Ann’s Choice Retirement Community: I was a server in Fireside Restaurant where I served the residents and bused tables. I was a valuable team player as the faster I worked the happier the residents were and less that they would complain to my managers. June 2003 to Oct. 2008 American Steel Inc.: I was an office assistant for my parents company. I was involved with help from the home office in filing and mailing out invoices. I also helped with the faxing and answering of phones whenever needed. I was a valuable part to the team, as my parents were able to rely on me whenever they needed help. Page 4
  5. 5. C. Business Description of Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design will specialize in web sites and promotional products for new startup companies and other existing companies. These products will include brochures, flyers, logos, business cards, letterheads, advertisements and signs. My particular specialty will be in creating web sites for new startup and existing companies. Because of my history in the graphic design industry in Bucks County, I have brought a lot of business to the people whom I have created web sites and business promotion. I have also helped the business owners of Bucks County in getting more business after they have been in business for a while with the pamphlets and brochures that I will create for them. I do this through the help of my clients and forming my products to fit their needs. Page 5
  6. 6. D. Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design Marketing Plan 1. How I Will Find Qualified Employees The secret to success in the graphic design business in Bucks County is finding high-quality employees. How I go about doing this by going to college job fairs, placing my ad on job sites like and yahoo jobs, and by going to local job fairs. In my experience, there are several other effective marketing techniques to develop a wider community base. Classified advertising of my services develops many prospective employees. In addition, maintaining an active presence in the Chamber of Commerce and other traditional business and civic organizations enables prospective employers to recognize me as a person of integrity and stability. In addition, as discussed above, I shall continue to expand my association with the Bucks County Commissioners’ Advisory Council for Women, a group that counsels women and helps them with all aspects of life. Finally, I will regularly mail a brief flyer to the people of Bucks County listing my current rates and the current services that I provide. 2. Competition Bucks County has three major active graphic design studios in addition to the many studios located in the surrounding county of Montgomery. a. Pink Sky Studios: Pink Sky Studios is a full-service graphic design firm offering creative, high-quality communication materials from conception development through completion. They specialize in logos & identity systems, print materials, copywriting, website design, email newsletters, and advertising. b. b. Buzz Graphic Design: With over 17 years experience, Buzz Graphic Design has had the ability to provide companies with full-service graphic design solutions that get them noticed and produced results. From logos, business cards and postcards, to brochures, newsletters, and web graphics, Buzz can provide businesses with the look it needs. c. Xwell Media: They are a small, friendly, and creative Internet Technologies company located in downtown Doylestown Pennsylvania. They are a service provider for startup companies wishing to get up and running with Internet commerce and creative Web design. They also specialize in photography, multimedia and graphics. Page 6
  7. 7. 3. Market Growth Bucks County has a large number of the type of jobs I specialize in, with plenty of growth potential. Most of the other agencies are more interested in technical job categories. Bucks County's growth as a regional financial and market center will ensure commensurate growth in job openings and should encourage the trend for women to reenter the job market. My approach to counseling both employers and employees is unique locally and I expect a continuing growth from my commitment to individual service, because this approach saves everyone time and expense in the end. Page 7
  8. 8. E. Financial Projections 1. Introduction The key to the prosperity of Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design lies in quickly getting the business into the black and then building on that initial success. The results of my profit and loss statement and cash flow forecasts depend on my ability to generate revenue at the rate of $4,000 per month for the first two months and $5,000 for each month thereafter. I have no doubt about my ability to do this based on the amount of new companies created in Bucks County that need the design services that I provide. 2. Loan Security I believe my personal signature is more than enough security for a loan of $60,000, since I have substantial assets. Nevertheless, I will consider the possibility of pledging some assets as additional security if appropriate. Page 8
  9. 9. F. Business Risk Analysis Every business faces risks. Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design is not an exception. However, I believe that the risks facing my business are manageable. I see nothing that will seriously threaten the business. Here are the major risks I anticipate and how I plan to deal with them. 1. Competition There are several competing graphic design firms in Bucks County, as discussed in Section E, above. As I am aiming toward the same market as the other agencies and have a record of accomplishment of success in my target area, I do not feel that the competition will hurt me. Even if the other agencies expanded their clientele placements, I think my personal rapport with my clients should prevent me from suffering any real problem. 2. Slow Times People are starting up a business, which means times are good. When the economy slows down, as it inevitably will, so too will new business ventures and the need to buy a web site for their companies. However, I plan to put aside money when times are good to cushion against future bad times. In addition, I plan to reduce the effect of slow times by keeping my overhead low. 3. Owner's Ability I have never operated an independent business before. However, I have been paid on a straight commission basis for some time and am used to the need to perform in order to be paid. I can see no insuperable problems resulting from being on my own and have already determined the licenses, tax permits, etc., I will need to begin. In addition, I have a friend who is a small business consultant, and I can rely on her advice should I need it. In short, I believe that I have addressed the major risks facing my business and have demonstrated that those risks are manageable. Page 9
  10. 10. G. Personal Goals After trying various careers, I discovered a career I am very good at and one that provides me great personal satisfaction. I feel a deep sense of personal accomplishment when a person receives the thoughtful gifts that I have created and when they get more business from the web sites that I have created for them. That validates my ability. My goal in opening the Kilobyte Kate’s Graphic Design is to make some money while doing work I love. Page 10