How to choose a suitable UPS powerMany users in determining the UPS power, due to financial troubles and do not quite unde...
long-term operation; arbitrary configuration, according to customization of the users specialneeds.Consider the performanc...
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How to choose a suitable ups power


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How to choose a suitable ups power

  1. 1. How to choose a suitable UPS powerMany users in determining the UPS power, due to financial troubles and do not quite understandthe UPS power supply, often from the current capacity of the engine room equipment to the UPSpower, which would lead to the UPS power capacity and the load power is the same or slightlylarger. In fact this choice is unwise. When you buy a UPS power supply, according to the specialrequirements of the conditions of its own power grid, electrical environment, naturalenvironment, electrical equipment, application and maintenance of the level of other factorsdetermine to meet the needs of the UPS power supply. Recommendations from the followingaspects to determine the choice of UPS power.To determine the type of required UPS1) according to the load on the output stability, switching time, the output waveformrequirements to determine and select the line, line interactive, back-up style as well as sine,square and other types of UPS. Online UPS output stability and transient response than the othertwo is also a strong non-linear load and inductive load adaptability. Some of the moresophisticated equipment, the more important devices require the use of online UPS. In someelectricity fluctuation range of relatively large areas, to avoid the use of interactive and back-up.If you want to use a generator with a short delay the UPS, recommended on-line UPS.2) UPS as a basis for power supply equipment, the most important is reliability. In general, thepower of the UPS MTBF (mean time to failure) is much higher than the low-power UPS MTBF.Therefore, the reliability considerations should be selected to power UPS.3) consider the cost of investment or expansion angle, the proposed construction funds over thenext three to five years of business development and other aspects of the situation, to take aninvestment, a place; or edge growth side of the building, choose the upgrade, expansion UPSproducts, to avoid duplication of investment losses due to insufficient funds or businessdevelopment forecast is not in place factors.Determine the required UPS capacityIf there is no specific industry standards, it is recommended to consider the following program:1) to calculate the load to the sum of (S = S1 S2 ... Sn), in: VA; UPS capacity ≥ S ÷ 0.8(considering the impact of the UPS and expansion required)2) not less than 30 minutes backup at full load power supply.Determine the UPS power values, but also need to consider the UPS backup time: standard type,a standby time of 5 to 10 minutes; long delay, the standby time of eight hours, to ensure the
  2. 2. long-term operation; arbitrary configuration, according to customization of the users specialneeds.Consider the performance of power protection and battery backup timeUPS power supply in accordance with the standby time can be divided into standard andtime-lapse type. The standard UPS standby time of 5-15 minutes, long-lasting for 1-8 hours, oreven longer. If your device is a power outage, only need to save, exit can be suggested the use ofstandard UPS; If your device power outage, we still have a long running, that are required to uselong-acting UPS.Additional featuresIn order to improve the reliability of the system, it is recommended that the UPS hot backupsystem, we can consider the series of hot backup or parallel hot backup. Small-capacity UPS (~2KVA) can also use redundant switches. You can use remote monitoring panel, remotemonitoring and control of the UPS work. You can use monitoring software, computer and UPSintelligent management. Can choose the network adapter, UPS network management(SNMP-based). In some rainy-mined areas, can be equipped with lightning protection devices.Also consider whether the use of the network and to protect the peripheral. Because more andmore complete peripherals (such as printers, scanners), this part of the equipment also needprotection. Whether they have cable surge protection and data line surge protection function?Unattended automatic system shutdown? In addition, because the users business desktop UPS isbeing focused on his side, so the product design style, The manufacturing process also needs tobe considered.Service capabilitiesThe network characteristics of each user, the power is not the same environment, powerprotection requirements also change. Users may encounter problems when using UPS is not thesame, users want to purchase their own products and services, is perfectly suited to the actualneeds of, and concerned about the short-term and long-term rate of return and investment riskof investment in equipment. The reality is that the vast majority of users lack the professionals,so the quality of the service system and proactive service attitude has also become an importantfactor for users to purchase UPS power supply must be considered when.