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Production schedule


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Production schedule

  1. 1. Production Schedule<br />Student: Lauren Hoskins<br />Deadline/Date of Publication: December<br />Pre-productionActivityEquipment/facilities/talent requiredDate/Time RequiredComplete Date, InitialAsked friends to act in the video as different charactersGained permission from Bryony, Lini and Adam to act in the video for ‘Knock em out’.Mon 18th October18/10/10LHAsk manager if I can use pub as a setting to filmGained permission from Nigel, the manager of the pub, to film in the pub as the main setting for the music video.Mon 18th October18/10/10LHAsk teacher to book camera out Gained permission from media teacher to use camera in holidays to filmWed 20th October20/10/10LHArrange days with class to share camera during holidaysTalked to class and agreed days in the holiday we could film, to share the cameraThurs 21st October21/10/10LHArrange with friends a day to film and timeSpoke to all involved in the video to find out when everyone was free to film. When a day had been decided we agreed on a time to meet.Thurs 21st October21/10/10LHArrange day to film with pubGained permission from pub to film after three when pub had closed on the day arranged with friendsThurs 21st October21/10/10LHPick camera upMeet Emily in town to pick camera up for filmingWed 27th October27/10/10LHFilmFilmed with friends the opening at home and then went to the pub to film the versesThurs 28th October28/10/10LHReturn cameraReturn camera to school, bring in tape and back up workMon 1st November1/11/10LHAsk teacher to book camera outGained permission to take camera home at weekend to filmThurs 4th November4/11/10LHAsk friend to film at weekendGained permission from Bryony to film, arranged time and day Thurs 4th November4/11/10LHPick up cameraPick up camera from school and take homeFri 5th November5/11/10LHFilmFilmed with bryonySun 7th November7/11/10LH1st EditBegin to edit filming from previous sessionMon 8th November8/11/10LHFilmFilm the filler sections, only involves meSat 13th November13/11/10LH2nd EditContinue to edit previous filming and new filmingMon 29th November29/11/10LH<br />