Time Machine


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a powerpoint on time machines.

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Time Machine

  1. 1. Time Machine at Universal American School By: Ameena Rashdan and Mariyum Iqbal To: Ms. Sunders
  2. 2. Come on Ken we’re going to be late for the photo shoot AGAIN!!! She’s always bossing me around like this…
  3. 3. Shut up and follow me right now!!!! You never get anything…WE GET PAID FOR THIS!!!
  4. 4. Fine but if we mysteriously end up in another studio, with weird people, then I’m not coming to another photo shoot again. Fine, whatever loser.
  5. 5. Barbie and Ken arrive at the studio, exactly on time. Hurry up children our cameras are waiting…
  6. 6. Right after the flash Barbie and Ken are transported to another studio. Ken immediately notices the different surroundings, but Barbie doesn’t, and begins to leave the studio… LOOK WERE IN ANOTHER STUDIO AGAIN!!! BARBIE LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW!!! What are you talking about? Wait…oh my gosh!!!
  7. 7. Barbie, that flash was messed up last time. It made me feel funny.
  8. 8. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? I don’t know but I told you that that flash was messed up!!!
  9. 9. Everything’s all old and disgusting looking… After she says this the same photographer appears in the doorway and takes another picture of Barbie and Ken transporting them back to the original studio!
  10. 10. Whoa how and WHY did you do that??? Yea tell us how u did that!!! We know it happened last time too!!!
  11. 11. Okay, okay. Ill tell you. But both of u guys have to promise that u cannot and will not tell ANYONE!!! Yea, yea, yea we promise not get on with it.
  12. 12. The photographer ends up telling Barbie and Ken that he works for a top secret government organization and his latest experiment had been time machines. The flash in the camera had been a time machine but was only able to transport them an hour earlier. See now are u guys happy?
  13. 13. Barbie and Ken were quite satisfied with the story but agreed with the photographer that they themselves did not want to be the subject of his experiment. Yea it feels pretty weird to find out that all this virtual reality stuff cant change people’s lives. Yea quite moving.
  14. 14. The End